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10 Treadmill Tips

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Ever used a treadmill?  You may be doing it all wrong.

From Jerry Greenspan
Fitness Expert, M.S. in Mechanics of Human Movement (

The most common piece of equipment to help people lose weight and stay in shape is the trusty treadmill.  While walking may be simple you can maximize your results by exercising efficiently.  Try these 10 training tips:

·         Straddle the treadmill belt, positioning your feet on the treadmill's siderails before starting the treadmill --  It is hard on the treadmill's electronic components if you are standing on the treadmill's belt while you initially increase the treadmill speed.  Get the treadmill's speed up to 1.5 miles per hour before stepping the treadmill's belt.  Following this tip will prolong the life of your treadmill.

·         Do not stretch before you exercise –  Lots of people do, but your muscles are cold and stiff so it is wise to wait to stretch until after you complete your treadmill workout.

·         Strength first, cardio last – A five minute warm-up is great but avoid completing a prolonged cardio workout before starting your strength training program as this fatigues your muscles and increases your risk of injury.  

·         Try interval training – Spicy up your workout! Mix it up to maximize your results. Alternating between walking and jogging will help burn more calories.

·         Don't always believe what you read --- Exercisers should realize the calories burned indicated on the display are not accurate.  You do burn some calories but typically the calories stated on the treadmill's display are quite inflated. Most exercisers want to see lots of calories burned for their exercise sessions and manufacturers are attempting to provide exercisers with positive reinforcement for their diligent efforts. 

·         Within a day of eating an extra treat commit yourself to burning those extra calories with extra time on the treadmill --- Yes the calories on the display are inflated but what better way to truly appreciate the real cost associated with eating something you know you shouldn't have.  That extra cookie or piece of candy will never have the same appeal. Personally, I haven't ever tasted a food that is worth another 45 - 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise to negate the extra calories I would have consumed.

·         Burn more calories by increasing the treadmill's speed ---  normal walking speeds are between 2.4 and 4.0 miles per hour.  If you walk at a speed closer to 4.0 miles per hour your walking mechanics will become relatively inefficient, causing your body to burn more calories for walking the same distance.

·         Avoid using hand or leg weights while performing your treadmill workout -- Adding hand, wrist or leg weights seems like a good idea on the surface, but these additional weights alter your normal walking mechanics, placing potentially injurious stresses on your lower body's and/or upper body's joints.

·         Minimize holding on the handrails, if possible --- If you are not holding on you can swing your arms while you walk which will increase the calories that you burn.  Additionally, by not holding on, you will simultaneously train your balance system, making it more likely that you will avoid a painful fall in the future.

·         Complement Your Walking Program with a proper strength training program  --- Walking is great cardiovascular exercise but does very little to strengthen your muscles, especially in your upper body and midsection.  It is recommended that you complement your treadmill workout with a well-designed strength training program.

A constructive treadmill workout should last 30-45 minutes and be repeated 2-3 days a week

Me again.  I don't know about y'all, but I LOVED those tips.  I definitely did not know some of those things.  What tip had you not heard before?
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  1. Great tips. I usually do cardio before strength. I will definitely change that up.

  2. Great tips! I usually do cardio first but maybe I should switch it around.

  3. Great tips! :] I'm probably going to incorporate intervals into my life again at some point (hopefully soon!).

  4. Neat post! One of my pet peeves is seeing someone running on the treadmill, but hanging out to the rails for dear life. That means slowwww downnn!! I'll have to keep a few of these in mind :)

  5. Hmmm...learned some things I didn't know. Now if I could just get back into the habit of walking on my treadmill. :)

  6. These are great!!! I am doing the C25K on a treadmill for now, so this is just in time for me!

  7. Great tips! I always get bored doing the same thing on the treadmill, so I'll have to try these.

  8. Great tips! Thanks for joining the #wowlinkup!

  9. Great tips Mary! I wish I had known some of these things when starting my running journey years ago. Maybe I would have a better attitude toward treadmill running today! :)

  10. Good tips! I love to use the treadmill for intervals & sprints! :)

  11. Great tips. I don't mind the treadmill so much and intervals help.

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  12. I love using interval workouts to spice up the treadmill! Otherwise it can be a liiiittle boring!

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  13. I love these tips especially the one about don't take the calories on display as gospel. They say to decrease the calories at the end of the workout by 10-15%. Visiting from the #wowlinkup


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