Eat Drink & Be Mary: 10 Movies I Could Watch for the Rest of my Life


10 Movies I Could Watch for the Rest of my Life

Monday already?  Man this weekend went my quickly.  And since my brain is having a hard time with the reality that today is already Monday, I decided to go with something that didn't require too much thought.  10 movies I could watch for the rest of my life.  It's almost sad how much of a no-brainer this is.  I should probably get out more, oh well...

Mean Girls

Legally Blonde

Bring it On

 Pitch Perfect

Forrest Gump

You've Got Mail


The Parent Trap


Sweet Home Alabama


There you have it folks the 10 movies I could watch for the rest of my life.  What movies can you watch over and over without getting old?  Could you watch any of these movies for the rest of your life?


Now meet one of my bloggy friends who spends her time more wisely than picking out silly things like what movies she'd watch for the rest of her life... Rhea @ Rhea Et Cetera.

Hello! My name is Rhea and I blog over at I blog about my growing style and my adventures with eating out and traveling. I recently was blessed with the opportunity to visit Japan and the Philippines... it's an amazing feeling to discover other countries and become a wanderlust!

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  1. We defnitaly have the same top four! I swear I could watch legally blonde everyday and still laugh, I think the only movie I would add is Something Borrowed :)
    Glad I found your blog!

  2. OMG I totally forgot about Brink!!!! Your list is the bomb!

  3. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama!! A couple of my other favorite movies I could watch over and over would be Twister and Jurassic Park. Love them!

  4. Such great movies! I totally forgot about Brink! I loved watching all the Disney movies back in the day. Classics - haha.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. YES! All of this is so great. You've Got Mail, so perfect! and Brink, oh my YES!

  6. YES to so many of these! You just reminded me how much I loved watching The Parent Trap!

  7. Oh my goodness, yes, this is a terrific list!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I entirely agree with those first 5! I also love Meet the Parents.

  9. Yes to Legally Blonde. I'd add "Confessions of a Shopaholic", "Zoolander", "The Wedding Crashers" among others.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  10. absolutely to Legally Blonde and Pitch Perfect! (minus the opening scene :)

  11. Omg I haven't seen Brink in forever! I totally agree with all of the above! Some of my favorite movies!

  12. I would say Parent Trap and You've got Mail would be on my list as well as Sound of Music and Pride & Prejudice. Actually, just watched the Parent Trap recently, it is on Netflix now.

  13. OH MY GOSH... BRINK!!! We were just talking about that movie at work the other day! I love that movie!! :) I agree with just about all of those... except Pitch Perfect, sadly, I haven't seen that one yet!! :(

  14. You had me at Mean Girls! Happy to be a new follower!

  15. I've never seen Brink so clearly must add that to my list to watch!! I love a lot of those films - also the older Hayley Mills version of The Parent Trap :) I have a special place in my heart for intensely emotional films too so I'd have Life As a House and In the Bedroom on my forever watch list too!

  16. I love all of these movies (except Brink. Never heard of it.)

  17. Yes to all of these. Oh my goodness. <3

  18. omg mean girls, parent tramp, pitch perfect and the rest are AMAZING! i dont get tired of watching pitch perfect, in fact i'll watch it right now. thank you for sharing your list

  19. We have such similar movie tastes! These are so great!

  20. Ha, I just watched Mean Girls for the first time a couple months ago because my roommate kept giving me hell for not having seen it yet and for not understanding all the stuff she was quoting. And I've been wanting to watch Legally Blonde again -- haven't seen it in forever!

    I could watch The Notebook and 10 Things I Hate About You over and over. Such classics. Oh, have you ever seen Pleasantville? It's another Reese Witherspoon movie (she's so amazing). It's so good!

    Nicole |

  21. So many good ones!! I have never watched Brink so I would swap that for Clue or Princess Bride. And while I do love Forest Gump, I think I would do the notebook instead!

  22. This list is perfection! I would add Bridget Jones's Diary, Garden State, Love Actually, Definitely Maybe, and my all-time fav -- Serendipity! <3

  23. Several of these I've never heard of, but I could definitely watch Mean Girls forever. Clueless would be on my list too.

  24. Yeahhhh, I can probably quote most of your first four choices. Those are definite classics! :P

  25. I love all of these movies (except You've Got Mail and Brink - I haven't seen them yet)! These are such classics!!!!

  26. Great list! Pitch Perfect, Legally Blonde, The Parent Trap, Grease, Bring It On.. Love all those! Brink wasn't one of my favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, but some DCOMs are definitely on my list! I love Pride & Prejudice (with Kiera Knightley), She's the Man, Letters to Juliet, The Holiday, A Princess for Christmas, The Last Holiday.. the list really could go on!

    So glad I found your blog!

  27. I totally agree with this list! Do you have Brink on DVD? I seriously love that movie and wish I had a copy somehow.

  28. Brink!!!! I love that movie, and a lot of the other ORIGINAL Disney movies, like "Double Teamed" and "Wish Upon a Star." A few others that I could watch forever are "Home Alone," "Father of the Bride" (1 & 2), "Troop Beverly Hills" and "The Breakfast Club." :D


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