Eat Drink & Be Mary: Summer Nutrition for Healthy Skin [+ a giveaway]


Summer Nutrition for Healthy Skin [+ a giveaway]

It's Summer time y'all. And has been for a a little over a week now. Other than being tan I also love to have glowing skin. Glowing, sun-kissed skin. Don't we all want that?
Luckily we have Jane here to tell us what summertime foods we can eat to keep healthy skin during summer.  We all this talk about getting fit, it is just as important to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy.

Take it away Jane...

I'm a huge seasons person. I love all the seasons and the changes that come in the weather. So seeing that the first "official" day of Summer was hardly a week ago (although it’s already pretty hot here in the South for a while) I’m daydreaming of anything and everything summer. Bring on the beach, the grill, short shorts, good music, and long days.
One of the things that I love about the change of the seasons is the change in seasonal foods. We seem to naturally change our eating habits in the heat of summer. Many of our nutritional needs stay the same, but we tend to reach for lighter and cooler options in the warmer months.
Did you know that some of our favorite summer foods have amazing health benefits for our skin? I mean who doesn’t want healthy and radiant skin.
Here are some of my favorite summer foods with amazing skin benefits:

Avocado// Avocados are like Mother Nature’s moisturizer. Think of how creamy a perfectly ripe avocado is. All of the healthy fatty acids nourish the body from the inside out. Avocados go way beyond guacamole. Slice them into salads, spread onto toast, or make a face mask.
Cucumber// Cucumbers are so cooling and hydrating. They’re low in calories, fat free, and the dark green skin contains fiber and other nutrients. Slice them and eat them raw or place in a pitcher of water with your favorite citrus and herbs for flavored water. Place slices over your eyes and imagine that you are at a luxury spa.
Tomatoes// Tomatoes taste amazing in the summer. They’re rich in lycopene and beta-carotene, both of which boost your skin’s natural defense against sun damage. Tomatoes
Watermelon// Any food that has the word water in it is obvious hydrating. The more hydrated the skin, the healthier and fewer wrinkles. Watermelon is high in Vitamin C, which is required for healthy collagen production.
Berries// All berries are full of Vitamin C and fiber. They’re mainly known for their high level of antioxidants. Keep in mind the deeper the color, the more nutrients.
Pineapple// I’m so obsessed with pineapple. It’s so sweet and juicy. Not only is it full of many Vitamins and minerals but it contains bromelain.  
Greens// Loving salads and smoothies right now. Try switching up your greens. If you have been eating winter greens like kale and chard all winter look towards warm weather greens like arugala and dandelion greens. All greens have a long list of health benefits so feel free to change them out seasonally.
Enjoy your summer!
x. jane

Me again. I always knew that what you put in your body effects more than just your weight, but I never knew what foods to eat to make my skin "radiant" as she puts it. And considering my avocado obsession you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be stuffing my face with them and the other foods in the list. Hello, glowing skin.

And now that you're skins going to be glowing all summer thanks to Jane's great tips, why not make your heart a little happier too? Enter now for the chance to win $25 to Molly Mattin.
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  1. I never really stopped to think about how all of these things would make my skin this!

  2. I love avocados, so I think I'll eat even more!

  3. Thankfully, I really like most of those foods (greens sometimes take more of an effort for me to eat!), but I'm definitely a pineapple girl! So tropical and sweet!

  4. I love fruit and with it summertime I am excited to be getting to eat more of it ( even more now )

  5. I love cucumber water so I'll definitely eat/drink more of that!

  6. I will be most likely to eat more greens, pineapples and berries. I have not read all of these benefits before now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Avocados alllll the way! I love them for breakfast with an egg cooked in 'em :) or any other way- yum!
    Xo, Ingrid

  8. I just went strawberry picking, so definitely more berries!
    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  9. Love this! Avocados are a staple in this home, and I absolutely relish greens :)
    Rachael @

  10. love this post! i will include more of these foods to my diet this summer. thank you for sharing

  11. I said YES to everything but the greens. Lol. I just can't seem to want to happily eat greens. Or even drink them/

  12. A great post to find when I've been dealing with my skin breaking out. Yuck!! Thanks for sharing!!


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