Eat Drink & Be Mary: Keep Calm and Run On


Keep Calm and Run On

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A sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth.  Keep Calm & Run On.  But running I have been, and yes it has helped me keep calm & destress.  And I couldn't be running if I wasn't inspired by cute workout gear of course -- hints the above adorable tank.

I've just never been a runner.  But I've decided I'm going to make myself into a runner (if that's possible, I'm pretty sure it is).  And so today I'm sharing 6 tips that have helped me get to the gym, stay motivated, and begin working out in a way I thought I never would -- running.

And if you even start to think that these tips are silly, I've been running for three weeks now.  Boom Baby.  Mind you this includes at the beach.  Cue mini dance party, feel free to join in -- this is a moment worth celebrating.

One.  Wear cute clothes.  

I know this sounds like a bogus tip.  But it's NOT.  Women feel more confident when they feel like they look good.  This goes for the gym as well.  

Personally, the tank tops always get me.  90% of the time I'm rocking black leggings & my black Nikes.  

In comes Fancy Fit Boutique and all of there brightly colored workout tanks.  Clearly, I am bonkers for this vibrant blue tank & it's "Keep Calm & Run On".  Not only is it super cute & comfy, but I'm in love with the saying.  If wearing a shirt claiming to run doesn't motivate you to go running that day I don't know what will.

Two. Get up and Go.  

Seems simple right?  But it's always the hardest part for me to just get to the gym.  Schedule a time for your workout so it's a part of your day.  And then when the time comes, don't say I'll leave in 5 more minutes, just go.  Because before you know it 5 minutes turns into 30 minutes turns in tomorrow.  And you can't get anything accomplished always waiting on tomorrow.

Three. H2O.  

Drink it.  Tons of it.  Just drink water.  To figure out how much you should be drinking daily (give or take depending on your daily activity) use this formula: Weight x 2/3 Ounces. 

Four. Push yourself.  

Set high goals for yourself and figure out how to achieve those goals.  For example, aiming to run longer or for a further distance.  It may take time, but don't give up on the journey to reaching those goals.

Five.  Do workouts that you like.  

Yes it is possible to like your workout.  You should be doing workouts that you enjoy, but that benefit your body and work towards your goals.

Six. Mix it up.  

Your body can easily get used to your workouts and plateau, leaving you without the desired results. So we have to mix up our workouts so that doesn't happen.  And this is so easy.  If you usually run, walk at a high incline & pace.  If you usually train on the elliptical try a yoga or pilates class.  

This will prevent our bodies from leveling out, and add a little excitement to your workouts.

So there you have it folks, six tips for the average woman wanting to begin their fitness journey.  And seriously y'all, is this tank top not the cutest?  ps. It comes with a chevron workout headband, that actually stayed on my head.  Now that is unheard of!

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What is your favorite workout tip?  Do you have any "beginner" running tips for me?  What keeps you motivated?

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  1. what a great place to run and relax. I love the beach.

  2. Number one is soooo true for me, not in the sense it changes my confidence {that kinda just works for me on its own}. but I love CUTE things and get excited to wear CUTE things or things that make me happy. And if those things are workout clothes, I am more likely to do it! :)

  3. Love the shirt! I also love their double layer tank! I may have to take advantage of your discount. Thanks for sharing. The tips are amazing too!

  4. Such gorgeous beach photos! I love that top- specifically the color!

  5. Love this top! My biggest tip is don't compare yourself to others. Everyone starts somewhere.

  6. Wearing cute gym clothes is very motivating to get to the gym! I probably love shopping for gym clothes more than regular clothes lol.
    I also think that "doing a workout you love" is key. I'm a personal trainer, and while I want my clients to love lifting and workout out with me, it's very possible that something like fitness or spin classes is something they like better. If they are doing something they like, the longer they will stick with it!


    Atlantic Chic

  7. Great tips! It is so true your tip about cute work out clothes. Whenever I get a new workout outfit I am even more excited to go excersize!

  8. I LOVE that tank! This makes me so excited for our move to FL and to actually be able to workout on the beach :)

  9. These are such great tips for runners. I'm a runner and I love them. thanks for reinvigorating my workout!

  10. Love that tank!
    So true and I totally think you can turn yourself into a runner...I did!

  11. Yesss getting out the door is definitely the hardest part. I always try to remember that the only run you regret is the one you don't do :-)

  12. I hope to be a "runner" someday. That's one of my ultimate NSV goals. It would be amazing to get up and run on the beach everyday. And that tank top is adorable.

  13. I tend to listen to music I enjoy to make the time go by faster even if it doesn't! Luckily, for myself I don't have to do too much cardio since I'm trying to gain weight and muscle.

  14. Beach runs are the best!
    The tank is super cute - I think it's about time for me to treat myself to some new running gear :)

  15. That tank is super cute. Thank you for the discount code! I totally ordered one. The headband that comes with is adorable too!

    My beginner tip is to find a running partner. Keeps you accountable and makes the run fly by!

  16. These are great tips!! And I love your shirt! :-) My beginner tip for running is just run - you can read a million tips on running the right way, distance, pace, etc., but no one in the world runs like you do, or like I do, or anyone else. So it's best to just run and see what's best for your body.

  17. The South has prettier beaches than the West. Just sayin'.

  18. Love the tank! I think I need it :)

  19. I love all of these tips, and that tank is super cute--love the color AND the saying :) And what's more motivating than running on the beach!? One of my favorite tips would probably be to change up your workout/running playlist at least once a week. It always makes my run/workout A LOT more enjoyable and also pushes me harder when I have new/different songs to look forward to!

  20. Umm tip number one is anything BUT bogus- if not the most important! As someone who feels the same way about running, this is an awesome list for everyone!

  21. Great tips! I'm a former running hater who is trying to be a runner too! Beautiful scenery to run past definitely keeps me going :) #wowlinkup

  22. Oh I love the TOP!!! I love racerbacks. I want one STAT! *heading over to redeem my promo code for a cute top*. Great tips also. I want to run on the beach one day. #wowlinkup

  23. Awesome tips and really, really love that top :) Running on the beach is my favorite! Ahhhh :) #wowlinkup

  24. what an awesome place to workout. We love the beach.


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