Eat Drink & Be Mary: Are You Gelish?


Are You Gelish?

ONE. Salon quality results.  Which picture is a salon job and which did I do myself?  You'd never know the difference...

TWO. HUGE money saver.  In the long spend $30 to $40 each time you visit the salon to get a gelish manicure.  But by using the basix kit 3-4 times you have equalled the amount you would have spent going to a salon.  From here on out you are SAVING money and will be able to use your kit many, many times more.  

THREE.  Shine.  Gel polish give yours nails a shine you can't acheive with any other polish.  A shine that I'm overly obsessed with.  It'll leave friends gelish of your nails -- pun intended.

FOUR.  Long Lasting.  The polish is long lasting (usually a week and a half to two weeks), and looks as great as when the nail girl does them.  And by that I mean it stays as pretty as the first day a week and a half later.

FIVE.  NO CHIPPING!!  It doesn't chip!  What?? Did I really just say that?  I didn't even know that was possible.  But it's true the nail polish truly doesn't chip, and really that alone is enough to sell me.

SIX.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Yep, its true.  If you can paint your nails with normal polish, you can use this kit...anddd have all of the above qualities.  Hallelujah!

 I'd could say so much more about the Gelish kits, but I'm pretty sure that the above six points speak for themselves.  So tell me, have you ever had gel/shellac nails?  How often do you get your nails done at the salon?  Do you not just LOVE how shiny gel nail polish leaves your nails?  Ever you ever tried a gel at home kit?

Get your Complete Starter Kit or Basix Kit today, you'll LOVE it.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by 
Gelish.  Although I received 
products for the items in this post, 
all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love that the no chip gel manicures last so long! How were your natural nails when you removed the polish? I'm always concerned that the gel makes my nails weak.


  2. Love the puns :) I so enjoy having my nails done but definitely don't go that often because it sure adds up. This looks like a great alternative to the salon though!

  3. I have only had 1 professional manicure in my life, 22+ years ago for my wedding. I paint my own nails regularly for special events but...they chip within 36-48 hours even with 2 layers of top coat! I'd love to try this. I'm very interested in this product. Thanks for sharing on the Jaqs Studio linky, I found you there.

  4. I really want to try this, but whenever I do at home manicures I have to do a lot of "clean up" because I always end up painting my skin. I've been told getting the gel nailpolish off your skin is nearly impossible?


  5. I am gelish ;) Your nails look great!! I also love jamberry nail wraps. Have you ever tried them before?

  6. Pretty....I do love the look of gel. Will keep this in mind for when I get back to the U.S. Thanks for sharing. found at inspire me wed. linky. Have a great week.

  7. I have been dying to give this a try and you just sold me. Hello early Birthday present...
    Have a great day!!

  8. I absolutely love gel manicures. I'm way too nervous to try to do it myself though. You did a great job on yours!

  9. I love gel manicures but do not love paying for them!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. I love gel polish but can not paint my own nails! It always looks like a child tried when I do.

  11. Ok, I am really thinking it's time for me to invest in something like this!!

  12. I love the gel polish - it lasts forever! Will have to give this a try.

  13. I'm not patient enough to do a good job paining my nails haha! Your nails look great though!

  14. Totally getting this! Your nails look amazing and I hate forking over that money to get them professionally done!

  15. I've never tried my own at home gel kit but clearly I need to. I love gel manicure! But the cost is the reason I get a manicure like twice a year. I struggle painting my nails though so idk if I could...but I definitely want to try!


    Atlantic Chic

  16. I love gel nails but I wouldn't make it doing my own, lol...

  17. This looks fun! I don't know though. Is it really hard to remove? I had gel nails once and when I took them off my nails were ruined for a while. Your nails look great, though! Thanks for posting!

  18. I have an at-home kit as well & I absolutely love it!! And they do shine so much more :)

  19. Wow your nails look amazing! I need to try it out.


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