Eat Drink & Be Mary: Mother's Day Flower Project


Mother's Day Flower Project

I have absolutely loved worked with my little kinders these past couple weeks.  They are the sweetest, they say the funniest things, and to top it all off this past week was Teacher Appreciation week what's not to like?

Another fun part of the job is all the craft projects we get to do.  I just love it, and so do the kids.  We made these projects for Mother's Day and they are the cutest.  Seriously, and SUPER easy to make.  If it was manageable for a class of 20+ kinders than your classroom can do it too.  And their mother's will love it.

Seriously they are super easy, and you can't deny the cute-ness.  

What projects have your kids/students made at school?  What Mother's Day projects have you done?  Are you a teacher?  Do you bother with making things for Mothers Day?

For more Mother's Day ideas check out my pinterest board:

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  1. This is so cute! I love fun DIY crafts like this for kids!

  2. Such a cute idea! I bet it would work with cupcake papers too!

  3. What a sweet, simple little craft! I'll have to show this to my parents- they teach Sunday School to the K-1st kiddos, and I bet this would be a hit this Sunday!

  4. This is adorable!! Maybe I can help my kids make these to give to grandmothers for mothers day!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Stopping in from Link'n Blogs and this is such a cute craft, the results came out great! I will for sure be trying this craft with my kids. Thanks so much for sharing.


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