Eat Drink & Be Mary: Kids Say the Darndest Things


Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids are seriously the best.  Whenever you're having a bad day talking to a little kid and they will brighten it instantly with the darndest things they say.  Don't believe me?  Just keep reading, guaranteed you'll be smiling ear to ear by the bottom of this post.  Happy Monday my loves.
Part I
At show and tell.
Student: "This is my phone.  It doesn't have games or anything on it."
Me: "Well what can you do on it?"
Student: "I just charge it, that's all."
Can you say easily entertained...the joys of charging (and ONLY charging) a phone?

Student: "One day there's going to be a real spider man, and its gonna be me."
Student: "Miss Mary, you're married because your name is Mary..." *commence giggling*
Just missing one thing--a ring--tell it to T

Student: "For spring break we're going to a beach that's really cool because it has lots of shells."
Oh must be a one in a million beach ;)


April 15th.
Student: "Yesterday it wasn't Christmas" Ohhh really now? "..and we ate reindeer cookies."
Boy Student talking to a Girl Student: "It stinks that I can't have girls for a sleep over."
Imagine how 16 year old you is going to feel.

Student: "When I grow up I'm gonna go down there(in the manhole) and see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and say 'Hey guys, wanna go grab some pizza?' "
Student: "Miss Mary, your eyes are golden."
5-year-old Student: "Can I have a tootsie roll, I haven't had one in ten years."
Me: "You're not even ten years old."
Student: "But I think it's probably been ten years since I've had one..."

On St. Patrick's Day the kids were worried that the leprechauns wouldn't visit and all of a sudden our radio started playing music, they all said "LEPRACHAUNS!!!" Now when our radio messes up (at least once a week) they insist the leprachauns are back...
*radio stops: "The leprachauns are back."
Teacher: "Do you think that was them?"
Student 1: "Yes, they were so quick I couldn't see them."
Student 2: "I saw the leprachaun."
Oh really you saw the leprachaun?  That's interesting.

After I opened a window...
Student: "Wow, Miss Mary you're the incredible hulk."
Student: "I put my name here, and this is where you're supposed to put who you want to date."
Ah...they kill me.

Student: "Last night I had a dream with an old lady in it, she was about 19 years old..."
I'm dying...


Seriously, if their quirky sayings and thoughts to brighten your Monday I don't know what will.  What's the funniest thing your student/kid has said recently?  Isn't it amazing how their brains work?

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  1. You are right, it put a smile on my face! I love the tootsie roll comment!


  2. This is hilarious!! And you can't make this stuff up. I love the sleep over one!! Hahaha...this made my Monday. Thanks for the giggles!

  3. This made me laugh..they sure do say the darndest things! My daughter is always cracking me up with the funny things she says:) Very cute post!
    Marta xo

  4. My daughter is four, and her favorite phrase right now (said with all the sarcasm a kid can muster) is, "AWKWARD!"

  5. Hahahaha! Last night I had a dream about an old lady and she was 19 years old... oooo man. Well, sh*t, what am I consider then? A corpse? HAHAHA.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Love these! My nieces & nephews have said some of the funniest things through the years. I just love how their little brains work things out.

  7. Hahahaha, these are too funny! I love the things that kids say!!! :)

  8. oh my gosh an old lady...19 years old. HILARIOUS!

  9. So cute - thanks for the smile! I wish I would have written down all the funny things my boys said. I was sure I'd never forget - but of course now I have! Have a great week!

  10. The things kids say has always put a smile on my face!! Love all of these that you shared.

  11. That is hilarious!! Yesterday in church, we were asking what the kids moms names were, and one kid said "her name is mommy!" Another kid said "no, it's Emily" the kid screamed at the other kid, "no it's MOMMY"

  12. Hahahahahhaha... The Hulk... that's so cute! :)

  13. Haha so funny!! All my friends are teachers and they always have the best stories!

  14. Kids are so funny. My kiddos crack me up with the things they come up with! :)

  15. This gave me a big smile! I love listening to the things kids say!


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