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Today was my last day at work.  So bittersweet.  The kids are darling (well when they're not driving me crazy) and they always know what to say to brighten any day.  Butttt today also means that in two days I'll be beach bound with my best friend!  Eek!!  Ecstatic doesn't even come close.  

Before I go on my trip there's a couple things you should know, and thanks to Five on Friday I can share them in a seemingly organized way.  Gotta love this link up.  So here are somethings I want you to know before you go...

ONE -- Big Girl Status.
Yep, it's official.  I made my first "big" purchase this week, and bought myself a Chrome Book.  And I'm loving it.  I've been laptop-less since my junior year of college, and couldn't be happier to have my very own, shiny laptop again.  YIPEE!!!!

TWO -- Go VoxBox.
Have any of y'all heard of Influenster before?  I received my second box this week.  The "Go VoxBox" filled with fitness related items.  So I wanted to share a couple of my faves --

+ My Vitamin Shop Shaker & Next Step Fit N Fill Shakes.  LOVED this.  Possibly my favorite item in the box.  The cutest, purple shaker and it came with three flavored shakes.  The shakes were meal replacements, and even though I was wary if it would fill be up or not, all 8oz had me full until my next meal.  My tip: Make the shake beforehand and place in the refrigerator.  It tastes about 20x better when icy cold.  

+ Playtax Sport Tampons.  To me this item threw me for a loop.  How am I supposed to share on social media that I love these tampons?  Odd.  But we all use them, need 'em monthly, and Hey! they work.  So don't count these suckers out the next time you're in the tampon aisle moody and bloated.  ;)

+ Aqua Spa Lotion.  Who doesn't love lotion that is silky smooth?  But the plus with this item is that you can also use it as body wash (a twofer!) and it leaves you smooth as buttah.  

THREE -- Beach Bound.
Have you heard I'm going to the beach in two days?  I've only been shouting it from the roof tops, needless to say I'm excited.  So to hold me over for two more days, here are some pictures from our girls trip last year...

FOUR -- Spinach and Artichoke Bites.
These bite sized treats are the best decision I've made this week.  I made them a couple weeks ago, and again last night.  They are addictive, and taste exactly like the dip (if not better).  Don't take my word for it, try them yourself using my recipe card.  -- Download here.

FIVE --  Must Read.
17 Awkward Moments Every Girl Experiences.  Because you can't deny that most (if not all) have happened to you at least once.  Seriously, just trust me on this one.

What is on the agenda for your weekend?  Do you have any summer vacations planned this year?  Have y'all ever heard of Influenster before?  And most importantly do any of you own a Chrome Book, how do you like it?

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  1. How exciting about the Chrome Book!!
    I loved the Go VoxBox! I was super excited when I opened mine :D
    Both of your bathing suits are super cute!!!
    Hope you have an awesome time at the beach!

  2. Yay for a chrome book -- and I hope you have a great last day of work and an amazing time at the beach! Happy Friday, xo!

  3. Yay for Big Girl Status! I am still blown away that we purchased the same thing...haha! I saw that Vox Box and thought it was neat. I am getting the TLC one soon and can't wait to share! Woot for Influenster! Have a great weekend and an awesome time at the beach.

  4. Have a blast at the beach! I'm super jealous and can't wait for a beach weekend soon :)

  5. those spinach artichoke bites look absolutely delicious.

  6. I love your swimsuit! The pop of color and fringe is so nice.
    I'm getting really frustrated with Influenster. I got one box months ago, and haven't qualified for a SINGLE ONE since, even though I still write plenty of review, answer questions, do badge work, invite friends. Sigh. I'm about to give up. (Sorry, I hadn't voiced that publicly yet and decided to rant here.)

  7. So excited for you and your beach trip! There is nothing sweeter than the start of summer vacation! Love being a teacher! We have 8 days left and you better believe I am counting down ;) Looking forward to seeing pics from your trip! What beach are you going to?

  8. i LOVED the gobox! it was my first time to get a voxbox. the shake thing was my fave too!! i'll definitely heed the advice about refrigerating it.. i still have two left. which was your favorite? so far i've only had the berry one.


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