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Five on Friday

It's FRIDAAYYYYYYYYYY.  Thank the good Lord, some weeks I feel like Friday will never get here.  In fact the past three mornings I have woke up thinking it was about a rough morning--three times over.  Anyways...five things happening in this little life of mine...

ONE -- One week.
One week from today I will be seeing my favorite people.  My best friend attends law school in Charlotte.  Anddd Charlotte just so happens to be halfway in between T & I.  A weekend full of my favorites + a double date.  My heart is doing a happy dance as we speak.  Next Friday can't come soon enough.
TWO -- Sucker for a Sale
Who doesn't love a sale?  I mean a maxidress for less than $15, how could I say no?  Then I found a site that is a one-stop-shop for great deals.  I was in heaven.  So naturally I wanted to share with y'all...don't miss out!  Who wants to pass up a GREAT sale? No one that's who.

THREE -- Dreamin' of Summer
 Alexis @ Laugh Eat Learn recently shared her S'more Pops.  Yummm.  These look like so much fun to make and to eat.  I can't wait to try these out!  And while I'm waiting on summer nights and bonfires these S'more Pops will come in handy.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

FOUR -- Life After College...
...this real world thing is no joke y'all.  Waking up early, trying to figure out the rest of my LIFE PLANS (no biggie) leave me I'm wishing I was back in college some days.  
If you just recently graduated college, are about to graduate, or maybe you graduated several years ago you'll LOVE these 13 Harshest Post-College Realities from Her Campus.  #1 #2 #5 #8 hit home for me.  As in could NOT be more true!  What about you?  What number do you agree with the most?

FIVE -- Giveaway
The sweet girl that has been hanging out at the bottom of each post is bringing y'all a super fun giveaway.  Starbucks, jewelry and more...And like sales, who doesn't love free stuff?  That's just silly.  Plus it's super easy to enter.  [See how here].  Thanks Ashley!!
Grab button for A Faithful Passion

Happy Friday sweet girls.  Here's to hoping you're weekend is relaxing, filled with sunshine and bubble baths -- I know that's exactly what I need.  Have you ever heard of S'mores pops?  Which post-college reality hit home for you?  Have you met Ashley from A Faithful Passion before?  

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  1. Happy Friday, Mary!! I adore the snapshot of you and your bestie laughing in #1!! I'm so happy for ya that you'll be reunited soon (: Hooray for a sale and a cute maxi dress!! I'm drooling over those s'mores pops! YUM!! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  2. Have a great weekend!! And I wish I was done with 10 years ago when I should of been!!

  3. I want to make those smores pops! They look awesome!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I am definitely trying those smores pops! Awesome!

  5. I could definitely relate to #5, #10, and #13. At least I'm not alone though! Hope you're able to recharge and have a relaxing weekend, Mary :)

  6. super cute dress!!!! i totally want a california necklace!!!!

  7. You know, transitioning from college to adult life is truly one of the toughest transitions to make and I feel like nobody ever prepares you for it or talks about it. My first year out of school was probably one of the hardest of my life. I'm glad somebody wrote about it because it's really under covered!


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