Eat Drink & Be Mary: Boy Behind the Blog: Part IV


Boy Behind the Blog: Part IV

Once again I'm joining Mal & Stephanie for the Boy Behind the Blog link up.  This time I thought I'd mix it up and use the questions that I saw on Kristen's blog, originally from Biana @ B Loved Boston & Meagan @ All the Joys.  I just love seeing how T responds to these type of questions and prompts.  Enjoy my loves :)

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Before we start can I just say how much I love this picture.  Goodness gracious, this boy makes my heart skip a beat, and like a giddy, school girl. 

M: What is the name of my blog?
T: Eat drink and Be Mary

M: What do I typically write about?
T: food or giveaways 

M: What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?
T: yoga pants 
...and he's not complaining ;)
M: Why do women go out for Girls Night?
T: to catch up on things 

M: What are your thoughts on Pinterest?
T:. Good ideas
M: If you could have any job what would it be?
T: fishing or hunting guide 

M: What’s the best gift to give a woman?
T: jewelry 

M: What is our favorite thing to do together?
T: watch a tv series 

M: What do I do when I’m home alone?
T: watch tv

M: And what do you do when you’re home alone?
T: watch tv 
...we're clearly a happening couple; psych!  He makes us sound so boring.

M: What is my favorite activity?
T: Hiking 

M: What do women keep in their purse?
T: Chapstick 

M: What’s my favorite accessory?
T: phone or camera 
...not sure if those are considered accessories, but these days they probably should be!
M: What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a pair of shoes?
T: 50 
...I'll remember that thank you!
M: What is your favorite trait about me, not physical?
T: you make me laugh 

M: What’s my favorite TV show?
T: too many friends, house, criminal minds, plus more 

M: Who is a current celebrity “it” couple? 
T: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert 
...ahhh LOVE them!

M: What celebrity would play you in a movie?
T: James Franco 

M: Whats your favorite memory of our relationship?
T: The first time we went to the beach together.
...We started dating on this beach trip.  :)  ANDDDDD I met his family for the first time on a week long beach trip. Call me brave (or crazy, whatever)!

M: Anything else you’d like to say?
T: that about sums it up 
...a man of many words ladies and gentlemen (well mainly ladies...)

And for making it through that you deserve a pat on the back.  Or how about a gift card to Starbucks and some other prizes instead?  Hey, the pat on the back works everytime for my kinders.  

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Some of these answers crack me up.  Have any of you had the men in your life write for your blog?  Have you ever done a "Meet the Boy Behind the Blog Post"?  I'd love to read it if you did; leave the link below.  What celebrity would you choose to play your man in a movie?  Was I crazy to meet his family for the first time while staying with them for a week straight? 

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  1. Hahaha, I literally laughed out loud at your addition to how much is acceptable to spend on shoes. :D This was pretty entertaining to get his perspective--every girl carries chapstick in her purse! ;)

  2. lol at James Franco!!! I love this post!

  3. Love this! I did the same interview with my hubs a couple of weeks ago after seeing Meagan's post. You can see his responses here: Guys are just so funny!

  4. hahahaa men are short and too the point arent they!

  5. I would want to be a hunting guide too :)

  6. Joe likes to call yoga pants, butt pants.... enough said!

  7. I am boring - my favorite drink at Starbucks is just plain old coffee - with room for cream - whatever they have brewed most recently. : )

  8. Favorite drink is starbucks's chai tea latte... hot or cold!

  9. Haha! Yes!! I love that you asked him these!

  10. i LOVE Criminal Minds!! I am sad I missed the season finale :(

  11. These posts are the best! As for the beach thing, I've done something similar. So if you're crazy, I'm right there with ya!

    ♥Emma, from It's Emma Elise


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