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A peek Inside My Mind

Friday.  Again.  Yipee!  This week has flown by after a rough start.  I'm blaming it on all the rain and fog.  This weekend I don't have many plans other than cleaning my room, baking & relaxing.  And that sounds absolutely wonderful to me (well minus the cleaning).  So I won't go wasting anymore time before telling y'all the five things that have made my heart full and happy this week.  Happy Friday Sweets.

ONE -- This Song.
Thomas texted me earlier this week telling me to listen to this song.  Even though I'd heard this song before I love it even more now.  What a sweet sweet man I have.  This song now melts my heart everytime I hear it.  #blushingemoji
Who I Am With You by Chris Young on Grooveshark

TWO -- Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Y'all these are totally my weakness.  Not only is Carrot Cake my favorite dessert, but I made the winning recipe into mini cupcakes.  Add the cream cheese frosting and my little heart couldn't resist.  Try them for yourself; you won't be able to either.
Carrot Cake Cupcakes recipe card

THREE -- Cinco de Mayo.
I feel like this holiday doesn't get much attention, which is understandable since it's not an American holiday.  But I love celebrating it :)  I even created a Pinterest board, but can't decide what to make Monday?  Any suggestions?  Feel free to "send" me some pins I'd be forever thankful.  #xo

FOUR -- 
I know, I know.  I have been spamming your feeds with fitness talk and challenges lately, but talking about it publicly really helps motivate me.  I've joined Karena & Katrina for the Bikini Series and #100bySummer.  And not only do I want to accomplish 100 miles by June 21st, but I want to become a better runner.  So I've turned to the girls at Tone It Up for help and found this article -- Run Your Heart Out.  Anyone else have some running/fitness tips for me?  Please and thank you. 

FIVE -- Giveaway Mania
You guys said you didn't mind the giveaway madness that has been taking place on my blog..and I'm taking you at your word.  You also expressed a love for a scarf that has made a couple appearances on my blog too.  Ask and you shall receive --   

Coca Lily Boutique Infinity Scarf Giveaway /// Thirty One All Pro Tote 
Do you have any plans this weekend?  Do you have any Cinco de Mayo recipes to send my way?  What about tips/advice for a "beginning" runner?  

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  1. Well, you know my plans already--getting to see my baby niece for her first birthday! :D But I just have to say, Aww!! to Thomas sending you that song. Whenever my husband did that while we were dating, it was huge happiness. :D

  2. My husband isn't much of a sweets fan, but loves carrot cake!! I can't wait to try out your cupcake recipe! ;) Excited to check out the "Run Your Heart Out" article too! Thanks for sharing, sweets!! Enjoy your weekend!! xxoo

  3. Love Christ Young and that song! I'm doing 100bysummer too so good luck girl!! Running has never been my thing, but I signed up for a half (because it's in Disney World, duh) to hopefully push myself past my 5K comfort zone :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is so much fun!

  5. Love your Cinco de Mayo Pinterest board! Such cite ideas! I'm excited for some Mexican food!

  6. OMG Great Minds Mary!!!! Check out Mrs. vs. Mr. Exercise Challenge today on Sweet Southern T! Haha on the running! I love that song and love when the men in our lives tell us to listen to something so that we can hear what they really want to tell us without actually having the words come out of their own mouths! Happy Friday Love!

  7. I love that you have a pinterest board for Cinco de Mayo. I'll have to check it out.


  8. Hey Mary!! Carrot Cake IS and Forever will be my food weakness (After that is Pumpkin Pie)! All hail the carrot cake lovers! Serious that stuff should just be called Goodness in a slice!! Have a great weekend lovely! ;)


  9. I'm not big on cooking but I actually like to bake and I need a carrot cake recipe!! Thanks for posting :)

  10. Those carrot cake cupcakes look so yummy... I'm talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner yummy!

  11. Love the carrot cake cupcakes! Checking out your giveaway right now!

  12. You should def try HIIT training! That's the only type of cardio I will do b/c you burn more calories in less time. Check it out.

    I will also have to try those cupcakes. They're healthy since it's carrots, right?.. LOL!

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  14. We have soooooo much in common!!
    I love cupcakes too!
    The tone up girls are the best!
    I want to be a runner too!! (I'm struggling right now)

    I hope you have an awesome start to a wonderful week!!

  15. Love the idea of 100 by summer- I may just make that my goal, too! I used to HATE running, but slowly but surely, it's turned into my favorite form of exercise! You definitely get instant gratification as far as sweat and results (the more you run, the easier it gets, and you notice when you take a few weeks off!). I've found it helps if I run by the lake at school, although at home I don't have that luxury... Hope the challenge is going well!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing number 4! My boyfriend and I are always trying to keep each other motivated with friendly competition in the fitness area but usually it's hard to find something that is fair. I'm looking forward to completing 100 miles by June 21!! Thanks again for sharing!



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