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Today was my last day at work.  So bittersweet.  The kids are darling (well when they're not driving me crazy) and they always know what to say to brighten any day.  Butttt today also means that in two days I'll be beach bound with my best friend!  Eek!!  Ecstatic doesn't even come close.  

Before I go on my trip there's a couple things you should know, and thanks to Five on Friday I can share them in a seemingly organized way.  Gotta love this link up.  So here are somethings I want you to know before you go...

ONE -- Big Girl Status.
Yep, it's official.  I made my first "big" purchase this week, and bought myself a Chrome Book.  And I'm loving it.  I've been laptop-less since my junior year of college, and couldn't be happier to have my very own, shiny laptop again.  YIPEE!!!!

TWO -- Go VoxBox.
Have any of y'all heard of Influenster before?  I received my second box this week.  The "Go VoxBox" filled with fitness related items.  So I wanted to share a couple of my faves --

+ My Vitamin Shop Shaker & Next Step Fit N Fill Shakes.  LOVED this.  Possibly my favorite item in the box.  The cutest, purple shaker and it came with three flavored shakes.  The shakes were meal replacements, and even though I was wary if it would fill be up or not, all 8oz had me full until my next meal.  My tip: Make the shake beforehand and place in the refrigerator.  It tastes about 20x better when icy cold.  

+ Playtax Sport Tampons.  To me this item threw me for a loop.  How am I supposed to share on social media that I love these tampons?  Odd.  But we all use them, need 'em monthly, and Hey! they work.  So don't count these suckers out the next time you're in the tampon aisle moody and bloated.  ;)

+ Aqua Spa Lotion.  Who doesn't love lotion that is silky smooth?  But the plus with this item is that you can also use it as body wash (a twofer!) and it leaves you smooth as buttah.  

THREE -- Beach Bound.
Have you heard I'm going to the beach in two days?  I've only been shouting it from the roof tops, needless to say I'm excited.  So to hold me over for two more days, here are some pictures from our girls trip last year...

FOUR -- Spinach and Artichoke Bites.
These bite sized treats are the best decision I've made this week.  I made them a couple weeks ago, and again last night.  They are addictive, and taste exactly like the dip (if not better).  Don't take my word for it, try them yourself using my recipe card.  -- Download here.

FIVE --  Must Read.
17 Awkward Moments Every Girl Experiences.  Because you can't deny that most (if not all) have happened to you at least once.  Seriously, just trust me on this one.

What is on the agenda for your weekend?  Do you have any summer vacations planned this year?  Have y'all ever heard of Influenster before?  And most importantly do any of you own a Chrome Book, how do you like it?

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As you can see I'm jumping for joy for everything I have to tell y'all.  

I'm blessed.  And often I overlook all I've been blessed with because I'm so focused on what's coming next, but sometimes we need to stop and focus on the blessings we've been given.  Blessing we didn't know we needed.  Blessings we've received without even asking.  And that we may not even deserve.  But blessed we are. #blessed

I'm blessed... have spent this past weekend with my favorite people.  It may have been a short weekend, but it was better than nothing at all.

...blessed to live with my parents while I'm saving money for when I'm on my own.  It may not be the most ideal situation, but it's a blessing to be able to save money and work towards my next stage of life.

...blessed to be able to pick up and go on a spontaneous beach trip.  I could look of this weekend as the end of my job from these past couple months or I could look at it as the start to a girls' trip to the beach.

...blessed to still doing something that I love, even after college.  Clogging.

...blessed to have an AMAZING God who has it all in control.  Blessed by the grace of God.  

...blessed to have found these Etsy shops I'm sharing with y'all.  To have made so many friends and connections through this blogging journey has been an unexpected blessing.

...blessed by each and every one of YOU.  Visiting my spot, reading my posts, and always leaving such loving comments.  THANK YOU.  Y'all are the sweetest.

Graphic Tee | Lulu Simon Studio
Mint Beaded Bracelet | Linbrooke Designs
Converse Shoes | TJ Maxx
Polish | Gelish: You Glare, I Glow

Ps. Today is the last day to enter the Instagram giveaway to win the graphic tee + print in this post.  

Now onto these Etsy shops.  It's amazing the talents that are out there.  And these two shops are finds for sure.  

Linbrooke Designs.  Linbrooke is the result of a 20-something girl trying to live out the dream of creating beautiful, unique, wearable fashion for all.  Brooke @ Blissful Blonde is the creator of this fab esty shop that has the cutest beaded jewelry.  I am all about mint lately, and lucky me Linbrooke Designs has the cutest mint breaded bracelet, "The Amanda."  Her bracelets also come in three sizes (which is helpful to those of use who have tiny wrists.) and have three links to chose from making length adjusting extra easy.  


But that's not all that the shop has.  Linbrooke Designs also has beaded earrings and digital prints.  These prints are SUPER cute, and you can instantly have them at the click of a button.  Talk about easy!  What's not to love about this shop?  

I've even ordered the "Lily" already, and can't wait for it to come in the mail.  Next on my wish list? The "Kelsey" and "Don't Grow Up It's a Trap" Print  Keep up with all of the shop's newest items on Twitter // Instagram.

And Brooke is so sweet as to offer 15% off to my readers with the code "EDBMFEAT15".

Lulu Simon Studio.  I found this gem of a shop by searching for perfect print to add to my walls.  And man is it difficult to pick just one print to buy, everything is so cute!  Not only do they sell prints but graphic tees too.  

Annddd I've come together with Lulu Simon Studios to give you a chance to win this graphic tee + the print below.  It's super easy to enter.  Learn how to enter here.

So tell me...Are you an Etsy fan?  Have you ever bought anything from Etsy before?  How have you been blessed lately?

Disclaimer: Although I received the 
products in this post for review purposes, 
all opinions are 100% mine.

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Date Night Outfits [spring edition]

My heart is jumping for joy this morning.  Why you may ask --humor me if you didn't-- well it's finally warming up and staying warm.  Could it be that warm weather is here to stay?  Gosh, I hope so!  And this little heart of mine couldn't be happier to be in short shorts, sun dresses, and sandals full time.  

In fact just this past weekend I spent in Charlotte for a weekend full of double dates.  My boyfriend and best friend in one place--I'm not sure it gets much better.  So needless to say I'm looking forward to a couple date nights in this springy weather.  It's good to get that quality one-on-one time with no distractions.  No other family members, cell phones, social media--none. zip. nada.  Yipee.  So I've planned out some Spring Date Night outfits, with the help of my dear friend Polyvore (man I LOVE that thing) for a casual and more dressy dates for girls of all sizes...

Braided Sandals | Forward by Elyse walker // Wedges | Catos // Daisy Trio Ring | Forever 21 // Monogram Necklace | Etsy

Bow Stud Earrings | Kate Spade // High-Low Belted Chiffon Dress | Maurices // Truffle Strap Wedges | Asos // T-Strap Wedges | Lord and Taylor

For some plus size options look at these from One Stop Plus & Asos:

Anyone else love using Polyvore?  Would you wear either of these outfits?  Is your heart not jumping for joy that the weather is finally warming up enough to wear these type of outfits?

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DDT Link Ups + Features

Welcome to a new week of Delicious Dish Tuesday, where we share our recipes and ask you to share YOUR awesome recipes with us!  Last week we had some delicious looking recipes shared, I love finding all these new recipes to add to my "to-do" list.  This past week my favorite recipe was shared by Elizabeth @ Army Ever After

Spinach & Artichoke Bites

I found this amazingly delicious recipe in our Delicious Dish Recipe Link Up.  Lesa @ My Life as a Mrs and I am so so so glad I finally tried out the recipe.  I've mentioned before that my mom & I are big artichoke fans; and we love ordering spinach and artichoke dip at restaurants.  Y'all this recipe did not disappoint.  

ps. speaking of Delicious Dish Tuesday don't forget to link up your recipes now (goes live every Tuesday @ midnight).

Before: above After: below  -- These babies puffed right up!

I'm not quite sure what my favorite part of this recipe is.  Whether it was incredibly easy to put together, the perfect touch the croissants added, or how perfect the filling was.  Ohh and mozzarella cheese--need I say more?

All you need is: Croissants, Mozzarella cheese, frozen spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, mayonnaise, minced garlic & parmesan/romano cheese. 

Super easy to make y'all.  The original recipe can be found here.  But I decided to just share a FREE printable recipe card with y'all today so make sure you go to the link above for the entire recipe.

I will say that the recipe said it made 48 mini bites, but that made no since to me and I ended up with 24 bites & extra filling.  Which really is a win-win because the first batch got extra crust and I have enough to make a second batch (once I go get more croissants).  YUM!!  My stomach is seriously growling while I type...  TRY IT, YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Download for FREE >>  here

Are you a spinach and artichoke fan?  Have you ever found a wonderful recipe thanks to a link up?  Have you ever linked up with DDT?  What is your favorite recipe with croissants?

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A Night on the Town

Well more like a weekend on the town.  This past weekend Thomas and I met in the middle at my best friend's place in Charlotte, for a weekend full of double dates.  To say I had a blast would be an understatement.  Here look for yourself... (excuse the mini photo dump)
Friday night we went to a Charlotte Knights Baseball game.  Ballpark dogs were consumed of course and there was a firework show at the end.  Possibly the coolest firework show I've ever seen.  Then we just hung out at their apartment playing Apples to Apples where I won with 21!! cards at the end.  

Saturday morning Care & her boyfriend cooked us breakfast, and then we took a Target run.  I'm so deprived where I live.  Then we spent the rest of the day by the pool.  To which my casper like skin got a little toasty.   Worth it.

Saturday night we went out to eat in uptown, and then took a walk where we saw two malard ducks and baby ducklings.  We followed them for the longest time in amazement of how cute the babies were and how the mom was with them.  At the end of our walk this was the skyline; absolutely gorgeous!  Who knew how pretty the city could be...

Sunday we went out for breakfast.  I'm pretty sure I could live off of bagels & coffee--mark my words.  And then we parted ways; boo good byes.  But I knocked out a great workout & played games with my grandparents so it made for a productive Sunday.  Happy Monday ya'll.

...andddd to top off the entire weekend--My best friend & I decided to plan some beach trips for the summer...including a girl's trip next week.  This time next week I'll be soakin' up the sun; just what the doctor ordered.  I'm pretty sure I could live at the beach, but then again who couldn't?

What did you do for Memorial Day Weekend?  Aren't double dates the best?  What was the highlight of your weekend?

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