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Small Gym Wins

So often I think that people join gyms because of the name.  Golds Gym?  I know plenty of people that work out there; maybe if I signup I'll instantly look like them.  Probably not.

Living in a small town there are not many choices for "big name" gyms, in fact there are zero Golds Gyms.  So my family and I attend a local gym.  And I just love that little gym.  I have nothing against big name gyms, they serve the same purpose (overall), I just prefer my small gym and have found that there are definitely some perks...

One | Everyone is encouraging.

Two | Big or small it's still a place for me to sweat it all out and get my fitness on.

Three | No one there to see me when I bust a move on the elliptical.  Because sometimes pandora knows exactly what I need to hear and I can't resist dancing to my favorite jams.

Four | Hardly ever anyone in the locker rooms to see me change.

Five | No randos checking my spandex-wearing-self out when I'm sweating my booty off on the elliptical. 

Six | I can watch whatever I want on the TV (HGTV) without worrying if anyone else wants to watch it.

Seven | Along with # six, I can change the radio to whatever station I want in the weight room, and don't have to worry if anyone is judging me for jamming out to 90's music while getting my workout on.

Eight | Only once have I not been able to get on the machine that I wanted.

Nine | No one there to see me take awkward selfies and snap chats -- you know for proof that I went to the gym.


What small gym wins can you think of?  Can you relate to my small gym wins? Do you attend a larger gym, what are some of those perks?  Do you take selfies while at the gym; I can't imagine that I'm the only one who does this.

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  1. We used to live in a small town and I really loved the small gym. There were a lot of times I was the only one there and it was great!!! However, I really like that I can go to the YMCA now only for the group fitness classes. Our "small" gym didn't have any.

  2. I grew up in small gyms. I joined my first gym when I was 14 and worked out at one until I moved when I was 20. I loved it too - we were like one big family. It was amazing. The only thing I did not like is the outdated equipment and not having a big selection/variety. You can't have everything, but a small gym has a welcoming feeling that I miss. I belong to big gym now "LA Fitness" - it is 3 stories. I used to work there as well. And though it's big, there is a small group of us who work out religiously and we formed our own kind of gym family, ha!

  3. I go to a popular gym around here, Planet Fitness. All the people don't bother me and they're slowly starting to not come since it's slowing beginning to warm up outside. Warmer outside = less people in my gym! :)

    I bust a move on the treadmill all. the. time. No shame in my game!

  4. Loved your post on boyfriends at That College Girl's guide! I have been in too many of those situations myself!

    Finding the "perfect" gym is definitely no easy task but it's great that you found one that you love!

  5. There is a Golds Gym here where I live but I haven't signed up for it yet. I wish there was a small, private gym I could train with a trainer at. My old trainer has me soooo spoiled!

  6. I go to YouFit and I just don't feel like it's private enough - I wish we had a small gym here!!

  7. Thanks for linking up to Manic Mondays!


  8. Small gym win = not having to listen to men make gross grunting noises while they lift weights!
    It's def nice to work out in a small gym, where for the most part you have peace and quiet!! Totally agree with all of this!!
    Carylee |

  9. I actually work for a small local gym, and I LOVE working out there as well. I can definitely agree with a lot of your perks. I never feel like it's a fashion show or a Meat Market, it's never too crowded, people are very friendly, and best of all, I can go make-up free!

  10. I prefer little gyms too. I hate crowds and feeling judged haha!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  11. We also live in a small town with smaller gyms. Thank you for sharing this post!

  12. I heart my small gym. The instructors know most of us by name and they always notice your weight loss/new sneakers/cool layered haircut because we're kinda like a family!

    Thanks for being apart of the #FitnessFriday movement chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  13. I've never been a member of a small gym and I haven't been a member at all in years. A small gym would fit my husband perfectly. Your small gym wins are so many of the reasons he doesn't like big gyms.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday :)

  14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with small gyms as long as they have quality equipment in my opinion. It all serves the same purpose plus hopefully you have a better chance of getting on the equipment you want. I like it quiet personally which is why when I go I go first thing before the crowd comes.

  15. Those are great perks about being a member of a small gym. I haven't had a gym membership in years, but I can see the advantages of a smaller one now. I almost wish we had some smaller ones around here!


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