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I'm on the Edge

You can find all the details for this group on my Polyvore.  All pieces are $50 or less.
 Edgy is a look that I don't think I could ever quite pull off 100%.  I can barely pull off looking my age.  So going for that extra edge might aiming a little too high.  But if I COULD pull of being edgy the looks above are exactly what I'd go for.  Crop Tops.  Skinny jeans/leather leggings.  Leather Jackets.  Lace-up Boots.  And Converse.  Pink & red are also at top of my edgy list. Thank you Polyvore.

I just love all the looks I made (obviously, I made them) but like I mentioned above I'm not sure if I would actually wear them -- and feel comfortable.  I'd say the ones I'd most likely wear are second from the left and fourth from the left.

And speaking of edgy, a while back when I first started this blog I introduced those closest to me.  Including one of my best friends, Michelle -- who I introduced as "The Rebel".  And her title describes her well.  Rebellious and Edgy.  She truly pulls off the look well...dontcha think?

Jacket | Aeropostale
Crop Top | Bethany Mota Collection @ Aero
Skinny Jeans | Bethany Mota Collection @ Aero
Lace-up Boots | Similar

The girls a walking ad for Aeropostale, my goodness!  And they have such cute clothes, quite different from early 2000's when they were all about the monkey faces.  Anyone remember that?

I don't know about y'all..but from someone who could most likely never pull this off, I'm so jealous of how well she does.  She nailed exactly how I would want to dress, without even knowing my picture of edgy.  From the laced up boots, to the black skinny jeans, to the crop top.  She nailed it.

ps. I'm going to be in need of some guest posters in the near future.  Shoot me an email if you're interested!  mbolster [at]

Do you consider yourself to dress "edgy"?  Do you think you can/could pull this look off?  Which of these outfits would you most likely be caught in out of the four?

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  1. I'm with you on wishing I could pull of a few more 'edgy' pieces! Michelle looks great! I especially love her colored eye liner! So pretty!

  2. I still have a love for chucks and early 2000's band t's. Every once in a while I bust them out. I struggle with finding my style. I am a mom of two small children, but I dig quirky styles, like cat print everything and thrift store duds. I get a lot of side eye at the library, but I wear what I like. You can rock it girl!

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  4. LOVE the outfit on the left with the pink skinny jeans. That shirt and floral print inside the boots are to die for! I wish I could pull something like that off, but I'm way too short for crop tops and skinny jeans together.

  5. AHHH, the dreaded monkey faces from Aeropostale! How embarrassing that I actually wore them all over my clothes.

  6. I have never tried that type of look but I would love to. I might have to buy some pieces and see.


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