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Five on Friday

It's Friday!  And this week I actually have a reason to be happy that it is.  I made it successfully through my first week at my new job.  A whole week with my little ones.  Woot woot!  And TGIF indeed!  

ONE -- Easter Treats.
 I love Easter and all it represents.  Earlier this week I made a treat that is perfect for Easter and super easy to make.  As in 4 ingredients.  Done in 5 minutes.  And there is NO baking.  Come on, you know you can handle that.  No-Bake Butterscotch Haystacks.  ps. another Easter treat will be shared this coming up Tuesday as well

TWO -- She Reads Truth.
I believe I've mentioned this site before, but it is awesome.  I've been trying to read a devotion on there each day along with the bible verses that relate.  Recently I've found myself struggling with the decisions those close to me have been making.  To the point of anger, resentment, and pulling myself away.  I've seen the affects these decisions have had on other lives, and don't want them going down the same path.  And then God goes and shows his Glory and Love by bringing me the verse from Jonah.  I can't make their decisions for them, but it doesn't do them (or I) any good for me to be angry.  I should be praying faithfully, relentlessly, and loving them where they are.

That is what being friends means.. always being there and supporting each other no matter what! I most definetly have the BEST friends EVER

THREE -- A Lesson on Patience.
Speaking of God moments this week, I am now a working girl.  Thank you Lord.  The job I have is temporary, so please pray it'll help open doors for the coming year.  But I am loving being in the classroom again.  And what a lesson on patience and waiting on the Lord I received in the waiting of this job.  And this job is just another reminder of how kids really do say the darndest things.

FOUR -- Cuteness Overload.
I canNOT get enough of this little man.  And I can't wait to be seeing him and his siblings in the very near future :)  And his dimples, he's gonna be a heartbreaker one day.  Anyone else biased towards the little ones in their lives? 
You may have seen this already if you follow me on Instagram, but a second look definitely wont hurt.  Melts my heart.

FIVE --  Coffee Love.
Yes, just yes.  I couldn't have got it through this week without my dear friend coffee.

Have a lovely weekend my loves.  

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  1. I love She Reads Truth! You are very right though. We can only pray our friends through hard situations. We have to put our faith in God! Congrats on the new job!

  2. OH I LOVE that she reads truth printable. Do you do well to be angry? The answer is always no. Such a great reminder.

  3. I posted about coffee today too, I just love it! I haven't read She Reads Truth but it sounds like a good insightful read. I've been getting daily emails that have a devotion to God followed by relating Bible verses and some of them really relate and make me think. It's awesome how they can help you! Happy Friday!

    1. You can subscribe to them here :)

  4. that picture definitely melted my heart. too cute.

  5. LOLing at that coffee ecard... those are the best!

  6. I'm definitely going to have to check out She Reads Truth! Sounds like it's just what I need.

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

  7. Those butterscotch haystacks look amazinggggg!!! Happy Friday! xx.

  8. I'm excited to see your new easter treat!! I love easter treats, but I rarely make one!

  9. Those little nests are too cute!

  10. What a cutie! I would be lost without coffee so I am thankful for that person too!

  11. Those nests are too cute! And super easy!

  12. Such a cute baby!! Love the coffee quote :)

  13. oh my gosh that ecard-- too funny and TRUE! Going to look at that haystack recipe right now! Yum!

  14. Hi Mary!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog ( Love your blog! :)


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