Eat Drink & Be Mary: Celebrate Good Times Come On


Celebrate Good Times Come On

Infinity Scarf | Coca Lily Boutique
Chevron Tunic | Rue21
White Skinnies | Aeropostale
Jack Rogers knock offs | Hot Cakes
Earrings | IN PINK

With Easter just passing there's a lot to celebrate around here lately.  I mean seriously every day is a day to celebrate that our God is ALIVE and not dead.  So today I bring to you some celebration worthy moments and things that bring a smile to my face... (a positive version of my confessions)

+ Being able to put together an outfit that looks fashionable and fit for the season we're in.  This is a task.  And if I do say so myself I think I did pretty darn good--see above.

+ Chevron.  It's one of those patterns that I can't get enough of.  Add it to a light and breathable tunic and I'm sold.

+ Spending the last couple of days when my cousin, his wife, and their kids.  My nephews are the cutest.  Seriously, even if I am biased.  [there precious faces will be visiting the blog soon] 

+ Finding Jack Roger knock offs for a much smaller price.  I'm a recent college graduate who just started by first (and temporary) big girl job with school loans to pay off.  There's no room in my budget to be spending $100+ on a pair of sandals, no matter how cute.  When I found these sandals at the Shoe Dept. the other day for a much smaller price my heart skipped a beat and it was love at first site.  

+ Thomas is coming to visit finally.  I know more couples go longer without seeing each other, but it's still hard.   

+  This scarf (above).  Are y'all not in LOVE with that scarf?  It's so light, airy and perfect for spring.  Come back next week for a chance to win a scarf for yourself.  *throws confetti* (outside of course, no time for cleaning that mess up) Which reminds me tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway myself and some fab bloggers have put together.  Enter here.

+ A lot of giveaways have been taking place on this blog lately--yipee.  Some may see this as a negative thing; but I hope you won't (I certainly don't).  I'm only bringing products I think y'all will like and that I do love and enjoy.  I'm not being paid to do so--just genuinely wanting to introduce y'all to do these amazing shops, boutiques and products.  So stay tuned for more chances to win some really neat products.

+ Today's post is the fifth post this month that I've came up with a post title and it's been a song title/lyric.  [One | Two | Three | Four]

+ Confession: I haven't been to the gym, in too long--I blame it on spring break.  Someone come be my personal trainer & force my booty there; even if I'm kicking and screaming.  
And to end things on a happier note...
+ I have still have four more whole days left of my Spring Break.  Yipee :)  #teacherwin

What are some celebration-worthy moments that have happened to you lately?  Do you normally wear scarves in Spring?  Is it an accomplishment when you've put together a fashionable outfit?  What is your opinion on the giveaways?

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  1. This outfit is so cute!! I think you did a great job of putting together an outfit for the season! :) It's fun, professional and so springy :)

  2. Gosh you're just so pretty, Mary. :) And man! I just knew the scarf pic meant the giveaway had come! ;/ Hey, I'm all for the giveaways (I have entered sooo many in the past couple days, I had better win one, that's all I've got to say), so you won't find me complaining. I can't wait for the day that I can have giveaways on my blog of things I love, besides my jewelry.

    And my celebratory moment was that I finished the diet I was on!! :D I'm still eating like I'm on it for now, but I'm done with the sick-nasty supplements, so I'm pretty stoked. My celebration was not having to drag myself to the kitchen to stir the junk for the first time in a few months. Or 21 days for this last up-to-three-times-a-day stage. :D

  3. That outfit is awesome! Also I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday and didnt! That should have been one of my confessions!

  4. what a gorgeous top! i am not a fan of chevron but this is super cute, might change my mind! lucky you still being on spring break. i hadn't been to the gym in like 6 months and finally went back this week - so sore but so awesome. i will kick your booty if you need to ;)

  5. I love this whole outfit! These are all my favorites, pink, chevron, black sandals (for a steal) and spring scarves! Love it!!

  6. Love the chevron tunic with the pink scarf! Great springy outfit!


  7. That pop of hot pink is SO cute with that chevron shirt! I love that outfit!!

  8. Love tops/tunics like that! Looks comfy yet chic at the same time :)

  9. Aw girl, long distance relationships suck- I did it for awhile but it makes me so thankful for our time together now! And I LOVE giveaways- especially when I win haha!

  10. Everyone loves a good giveaway! Enjoy your spring break. All of the schools around this part of the state were off last week and the traffic being back to normal this week is a hard adjustment!

  11. I can't get enough of chevron print either! Clothes, decor, ect.

  12. LOVE that outfit! That scarf is so springy and I have a shirt so similar to that! Got to love chevron print! :)

  13. Meeting you through Pleated Poppy. I really like the chevron and love white jeans with it as well. You look very pretty. Stop by if you can


  14. Love the chevron blouse! I feel like you could dress it up or down and wear it all year long!!

  15. I just bought my first scarf not too long ago! I'm def gonna get hooked on them... I can tell already!

  16. Loving this chevron top on you!! The scarf is a perfect compliment too!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  17. The color of that scarf is so pretty!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  18. I am so obsessed with all things chevron right now. I love that top on you!

    Visiting from Shanna's link up!

  19. I am so obsessed with all things chevron right now. I'm loving this top on you!

    Visiting from Shanna's link up!


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