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90's Kid Win

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a 90's kid I got to enjoy some of the best toys and products out there.  Really a good ole slinky and a lite brite can get any iPhone game's butt any day of the week.  One thing that sticks out was the BIC® 4-Color™ pen.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Let me remind you...
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Blog Planner is from my sweet friend Tela @ Sweet Southern T

Is it all coming back to you now?  I LOVED this pen, I mean the option to choose from FOUR colors all in one pen was unheard of to my 10 year old self.  And now that it's back out there my childhood-self couldn't be happier (and really I'd be kidding you to try and say I've grown up much since then).  I can distinctly remember trying to use more than one color at a time.  Determined that it was possible, and I was going to accomplish it.  And this video makes me giggle everytime I watch it, knowing how much I tried to force two colors at the same time.

But now that I am an "adult" I've found new ways to use my favorite childhood pen.  The  BIC® 4-Color™ has proven to be very resourceful now that I'm a little bit older.  Recently I've been trying to become more organized (if my college roommate ever reads this she'd be in total shock) but it's true.  And what better place to start than with blogging?  None I say.  
I love using each color for different topics when organizing my posts for the month.  The BIC® 4-Color™ colors all have different "personalities" and that really helps me color code my blogger topics, stats, etc and stay organized over all. 
Green is considered the "foodie" so of course I use it for all my recipes, ideas and social media notes related to food.  And if you know me at all, you'd agree that green definitely fits me best;  I'm addicted to social media and am a wanna-be foodie (baking and eating are right up my alley)!

I use Red to make general notes, fill out my post check lists, and any corrections I need to make in my blog planner.  Red has always been used for making corrections, so I love that it's part of the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen.
Not only are each of the colors fun and expressive, but the BIC® 4-Color™ company has created personalities for each color.  I'm not exactly sure why but this makes my heart a little happier when I think about each color as a different little "man" with a personality.  For example...

Blue.  Blue likes himself.  And with good reason: he know he's important.  Blue cheese, blue skies, blue moon; he's everywhere!  To prove his point look at the name of his family members: navy blue, oxford blue, royal blue...Ever heard of "royal yellow"? Exactly.  Let's admit it...Blue is the boss.  [for more on the personalities of each color like BIC on Facebook.]
You childhood heart still not yearning to have this pen back in your life?  Watch this 30 second clip, seriously the little men make me giggle everytime. 

If you enjoyed the clips of these little personalities half as much as I have, follow BIC® 4-Color on Twitter for more clips on the little colored men.  

Alright now what are you waiting for put this fun, expressive, childhood-heart-warming pen in your cart at Amazon or Staples.  Believe me your heart will jump for joy when you get to play around with this pen again :)  Have a Happy Day Loves.

Did you use this pen when you were younger?  Did you ever try to use more than one color at the same time?  What was your favorite "90's kid" toy?  

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  1. I totally remember this pen! Didn't realize they still made them! I color code our calendar too so I need to get one of these!


  2. I completely forgot about those pens! They were so awesome. I'm glad to hear that they are still around. And the fact that they are practical just as much as they were fun when we were kids, double yay!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  3. Oh I remember those pens! And love that little blog planner :)

  4. I love this post!! It made my Monday so much brighter!! I remember this pen and did the same thing. I swear I could still possibly get both colors out of that hole! I love the planner and what you did with it and am so glad you have found a use for it! :) The post is perfect and now I want one of those pens with my planner!! LOL. Thanks for bringing back good memories...oh and my favorite 90's toy was the Tamagotchi!!! Remember to feed the thing or it dies...teaching responsibility one dead pet at a time!

  5. I totally loved those pens too! I feel like they never wrote very well but I always wanted one where you could switch up the colors! So fun that they created an updated version :)

  6. Loved that pen! If you had one, you were the coolest kid in school. I organized like that with different highlighters in college. Differerent highlighter colors for tests, homework, meetings, papers, etc. Glad someone else does it too!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Yes! The changable color pens, thos were ALWAYS the best!! :)

  8. Those pens! I loved those! This planner rocks, too!

  9. Omgosh I remember those pens! They were always my favorite along with the Milky pens.

  10. Oh myyyyy. I loved this pen. I'm kind of a pen-snob too! :) I didnt' realize they still made it. I NEED one back in my life! And I think I need this planner too. My current one isn't working for me.

  11. I so remember these pens, and I very much remember trying to shove out all the colors at once, ha!

  12. Um, I used to be OBSESSED with my Lite Brite! Given the opportunity, I would probably still play with one for hours haha

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  13. I'm in love with that planner and those sheets you use to plan the blog! Where did those come from?! While I did OBSESS over that same pen as a little kid, my obsession now are Pilot G2 colored pens. I color code my Lilly agenda with 6 different colored pens.

  14. You seriously make me want to buy like 10 of these right now!! And I love that planner, too! Carylee |


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