Eat Drink & Be Mary: TGIF indeed.


TGIF indeed.

Happy Friday Sweet Girls!  Thank you all for stopping by this blog of mine and making my day which each and everyone of your sweet comments.  I hope your weekend is one for the books, I know mine will be.  Xo

ONE -- Pinterest
I love Pinterest, and all it's magicalness to find anything and everything I never knew I wanted before.  Even if it does take up hours of my time.  But I just can't stop, it's so darn addicting.  I even made a list of my top 5 most useful pins on Pinterest {in the kitchen}.

TWO -- Dreaming of Summer
My picture of pure bliss is sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, koozie in hand & a country song playing in the background.  So what better way to help me day dream of summer days than a new koozie, with a super cute saying?  Nothing.  And now you can win one for yourself (with your state of choice).  Enter here!  Well get to it, I'll wait...alright now on with my five.

THREE -- Snail Mail.
I've mentioned before how much I love getting and sending good, old fashioned, snail mail.  And recently I've been receiving a lot of mail and loving it.  And I'm super excited to share with y'all what I've gotten, soon!  Are you a snail mail lover?  Check out this post where you can get the details to send someone a letter who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thanks for sharing Renne!
FOUR -- Shellac/Gel Kits for Home
Have any of y'all tried using a gel or shellac kit at home?  I am really itching to buy a kit because it'll save money in the long run.  And I canNOT get over how shiny the shellac leaves your nails.  I'm talking obsessed.  But I'm just nervous of which kit/brand to buy.  HELPPPPP.  Have you tried any of the at home kits?  What brands do you recommend?  

I am so thankful that it's Friday because that means that once again I'm SC bound to see T.  A weekend full of baseball, the steeple chase, pda, & my favorite freckled boy.  TGIF indeed.

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Don't forget to enter the giveaway under #2, good luck babes.

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  1. Pinterest is so addicting! If I'm not careful I will be up all night pinning ha ha.
    I entered the giveaway, even though there are no Washington koozies ;D
    I've never gotten shellac nails before.. but now I kind of really want to!
    Hope you have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!

  2. Gotta LOVE Pinterest, right?! ;) Shellac is so shiny, and gorgeous! {Random side note: I adore your bow ring!!} Hooray for Friday! Enjoy the time with your man!! That pic of you two is way cute!! ;) xo

  3. Love BOTH of those nail colors! And have fun with your cutie this weekend!! xo

  4. Your nail polish looks gorgeous! I love both colors-- so pretty for spring! I spend entirely way too much time on pinterest, but I try and tell myself it's inspiring so it's not sooo bad? haha Have a great weekend!

  5. I've never thought about getting a at home kit but that could be very interesting! I love shellac nails!!

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  6. Gotta love pinterest! And that koozie is adorable! I want one.

  7. Pinterest is a total weakness of mine, I can literally spend hours! I'm in love with your bow ring and that adorable pic of you two!

  8. Love your ring in your nail pic so pretty! Pinterest is the holy grail for all things kitchen right? I can't wait for Summer to be here!

  9. I love shellac, I need an at home kit! My Pinterest ideas always come out when we are going to have ppl over for dinner or a birthday! If I go on tho I lose track of time lol Hope you have a great weekend with T!! Xo

  10. Those colors! Love them both!!! Let me know if you decide on a home kit. It would save a lot of money. Have fun with your sweetie!

  11. I have Sensationail kit and LOVE it. They gave me a coupon (ask at the perfume counter) at Walgreens for an even better deal. It lasts around 10 days typically for me and the shine is great!!

  12. I love having gel! I've been thinking about getting an at-home kit too, but have had trouble figuring out which is better. However, I may have to look into Jen's comment above about the Sensationail kit.

  13. I love the purple nail polish!



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