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Life on the Road

Happy Monday y'all!  If there is such a thing, I've just finished another weekend of clogging and roadtrippin'.  I feel like lately all I do is take road trips, alone.  This is infact, not all I do.  But it does take up a lot of my weekends here lately.  Here are some of my road trip antics...

- wake up early & excited to be headed on my way

- pack the car full of stuff I probably don't need to be bringing and end up never wearing

- crank up the car & the radio and begin my road trip

- sing along to any and every song on the radio

-fix hair

-adjust how I'm sitting

- continue singing

- pass by a McDonalds and think how good a sweet tea would be right about now

-tuck hair behind my ears

-pull hair out from behind my ears

- listen to the radio

- get close to my first exit and start to get nervous, making sure I don't miss the turn {I have a horrible track record for missing turns/exits.  That combined with my zero sense of direction really makes for a bad solo road trip...oh well}

-adjust how I'm sitting

-get off on my exit, and do a little happy dance in celebration 

- wish Back Street Boys were still popular so they would come on the radio

- refuse to go faster because the car behind me is riding my bumper.  Um, hello?  I'm in the "slow" lane feel free to pass at any time.

- realize I'm 20 miles away from my next turn and tell myself I can do this, it's just like a trip to Walmart & that never seems to take long{how lame is that?} 

- stop to pee, get gas, and get food, but of course never all in one stop because I can never get it together and learn to save time.

- fix hair

-adjust how I'm sitting

-listen to the same song for the 10th time because I listen to only Country Music stations 95% of the time.

- dance party time

-get antsy, fix hair, adjust how I'm sitting--you know the drill

-have a concert in the car because those are the best; singing at the top of my lungs every word to every song

-song comes on I dont know?  No problem I sing along anyways making up the words as I go

-celebrate with a dance party because I have less than a hour left

- come across a song by PINK while browsing through the stations, sing along to every word even though the song was from 2000 {or before?}, remembering every word -- funny how that works

- Thank God for cruise control for about the fifth time!

- fix hair

-come across the latino radio station, and dance along wishing I understood the words better because I just love their rhythms and upbeat music

- fix hair one last time

-start getting giddy & all smiles as I pull onto T's road realizing 4 hours in a car is all worth it, only to get back in the car and do it all again three days later

Ahh life of a long distance relationship, but this face is entirely worth it.
What do you do to pass the time on a road trip?

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  1. Some good country music is the only way I can pass the time on a road trip... And a sing along! :) :)

  2. load up my player with awesome songs and snacks are a must!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Long distance relationships are totally worth it... and he's cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Aw you guys are just too cute! Music is the best for getting through long trips!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. Yall are absolutely adorable together! I adore this post :) I'm actually making my first ever roadtrip to see this guy I met through a friend this weekend. And I'm sure I'll be doing the same things in car, especially the fidgeting and readjusting lol

  6. Long distance relationships don't sound fun to me at all! I admire all of you wives who can do it! :)

  7. haha! Your hair must be everything to you, LOL! I can totally relate to sing along to every song.. my husband gets so annoyed with that but hey, get ear plugs if you are not happy, right?

    From Dubai with xxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  8. I like to get CD's of shows of comedians. It's entertaining and ensures I laugh most of the trip. I know how awesome those long-distance visits are, though! Although, mine was after a day of being in airports!

  9. Props for you and your commitment to long distance relationships! It really is so admirable! I love books on tape for road trips, even though it sometimes I get to into the book I forget how long I have been on the road! I have uploaded them on my IPhone from my library for free so no money necessary too!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Funday Monday!


  10. HAHAHA I was chuckling the entire time I read this, Mary! When I was in a long distance relationship, I'd listen to books on CD sometimes! I went through The Devil Wears Prada and some other goodies. Definitely passed the time! So happy you had a nice weekend, girl! xo

  11. Yeah, music is pretty much the only way for me to get through a road trip. Once during a super long road trip (cross state move) I tried books on CD/tape and it was sooooo helpful. I haven't taken a long enough road trip in awhile to make it worth it but if I had to I would do it again for sure! Thanks for coming back to Manic Monday...always glad to see your posts! :) Gina
    On the Daily Express

  12. Long distance can be hard. I moved to California for a 6 month internship and my guy stayed in our college town in West Virginia. It was tough, but now I am back! We are living together, and I am loving it.

    Found your blog through the linkup :)

  13. I am all about the music on a road trip! The hair and the seat moving so reminds me of a lot of trips! Haha!

  14. Awwww! Such a sweet ending!
    a) I'm so with you on the backstreet boys. And NSYNC for that matter!!
    b) I too also miss turns and maneuvers. All. The. Time.
    c) I scream sing when I drive by myself! Keeps me awake!
    d) I've totally been busted having a dance party of one in my car! #no shame
    e) Thanks so much for linking up!! Love your light hearted posts!
    Carylee |

  15. Definitely need to have some good music!

    Cute pic of you two!!

    Thanks for linkin' up girlie :)

  16. I haaaaate road trips, but I'll do them if I get to see the one I love at the end of them!

  17. thanks so much for linking up! xoxo

  18. LDR's are tough but at least you make the best out of it on the road trip! I remember when Chris and I were doing that - SIX hours apart! We would switch off every weekend - no fun! BUT at least it all worked out :)

  19. I have no idea how you do a long distance relationship especially with that much driving! You go, girl!


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