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Keep Calm & Pinch On

Only the weekend stands between me and the luckiest day of the year.  Or so I hope.  I have loved getting ready for St Pattys day this year with Thin Mint puppy Chow, creating chalkboards, displaying some lucky printables & searching for some green to wear.  Needless to say I'm ready for all the pinching that Monday will be bringing.  But until then I'm perfectly fine soaking up all the down time and relaxing this weekend is sure to bring.

ONE -- Road Trips.
I've been driving here there and everywhere lately.  Between traveling to see Thomas and clogging I've been in the car more weekends than not this year, and I've noticed some things that take place along the way.  See what life on the road is like from my passenger seat.  What do you do to pass the time when you're stuck in the car for hour after hour, weekend after weekend?

TWO -- A light at the end up of the tunnel.
Can it be that warm weather may be here to stay?  Last week it snowed, which was nothing new, but this time it didn't stick to the road (hallelujah!) and it left the mountains I live in looking BEAUTIFUL!  Pictures honestly don't do it justice, but I'll show you one anyways.  Ps. Cross your fingers for all this warm weather, I could've possibly seen a chance of snow in the forecast.

I've been so excited to wear my new INPINK jewelry since it showed up on my doorstep.  See how I styled it & my look for St. Pattys Day, here.  Do you have any idea what green you'll be sporting on Monday?  Have you heard of INPINK before?

FOUR -- Flowers.
More signs of spring around these parts, flowers are everywhere.  And I'm not hating it.  Who knew I loved carnations so much, but I did know about my orchid obsession, can you blame me?

FIVE -- This + that.
Well.. LET'S DO IT!

such as listen to a new tune that's been stuck in my head: 
This is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line on Grooveshark

Happy Friday loves.  :)  Go soak up some sun, and enjoy a nice summer-y drink, and wish for warm weather.  Heres to hoping my casper-like self can soak up some sun too.  Keep Calm and Pinch On. Xo.

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  1. Orchids are my favorite!!! I think I need to buy one to spruce up my apartment. Maybe even two...

  2. Orchids are also my favorite! Though, I have a terrible time keeping things alive. As often as I pass by them at the grocery, I never pick it up for fear it would be another plant casualty. lol.

  3. all of our grass and well, all flat land is covered in snow. STILL. i'm DYING to see any glimpse of spring, especially pretty flowers!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! And hurry up spring - I know we're all anxiously awaiting it! Loving this quote. Happy Friday! Stopping by from the linkup.

  5. Do you know what nail polish you're wearing with your inpink jewelry? I've been looking for a color like that!

    Come join my giveaway over on Tattered to Taylored

  6. That picture of the snow is absolutely gorgeous! I love carnations too :)

  7. Never heard of INPink! I love that jewelry though, ill have to check it out!
    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  8. Hurry up spring! Need some sunshine in my life :)!!! Love your flowers. Xx.

  9. The photo @ #2 is breathtaking! Love the jewelry + flowers!! C'mon Springtime!! :) Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I love the statement necklaces!!

  11. carnations are so crazy underrated. aaaand, they last for roughly 6 months and cost virtually nothing. what's not to love?

    have a great weekend, doll!

  12. I'm so ready for spring, too! Can't get here fast enough.


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