Eat Drink & Be Mary: The Look.


The Look.


When we were younger my dad would give us "the look" when we were about to get into trouble, and that alone was enough to keep me from doing wrong most of the time.  I thought I had grown out of being terrified of this look.  Wrong.  My dad gave me "the look" the other night, the one that gives me chills, when I almost knocked over a drink onto the new living room end tables.  
Said look clearly not pictured, and not the only look my sweet daddy gives.

This got me thinking.  What other looks have left such an impression on me.  The looks that I can picture instantly when I close my eyes.  The looks that will stay with me forever, or so I hope.  
The look that my brothers can give me, when my parents say something ridiculous, and we burst into laughter.  The same looks that have been exchanged for 18+ years, and the looks that I hope never lose their familiarity.  
The look in my man's eyes.  Whether I'm messing up the words to a song, we're joking around, having a serious conversation, or asking if I look good in an outfit.  It's always there.  That look in his eyes.  A look filled with loyalty, honesty, understanding and endless love.  A look I've never seen before.   A look I never want to fade away.
The look I can exchange with my best friend, and without words we understand each other.  Friendships like this are irreplaceable.
The look I give my mother.  A look filled with adoration.  A look that may not always be the one given, but the same feelings are always felt.  The look I hope to see in my own child's eyes, one day.
What looks have filled your life, and given this life meaning?  Can you relate to these feelings?  I hope you all have a love filled Valentines day! :)

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  1. How fun! I never thought of so many people giving distinct looks but its true!

  2. There are so many looks for some many moments! My Dad could always give me a look that told me to knock it off and also a look that told me he was proud of me. Those will always be my favorite.

  3. Love this post. The way we convey are feelings through expression is such a weird and amazing concept.

  4. Aw, what a sweet post with fun memories. I definitely love when you have that close relationship with anyone (friend, family, spouse) and you can communicate your exact thoughts with just a simple look that no one else has to notice!

  5. This is the absolute sweetest.
    So glad to have stumbled upon your blog.
    It is rare that I read something so simple and yet so profound.

    Thank you for sharing + making my morning.
    Headed home to visit family, and can't wait to experience some of the aforementioned "looks".

  6. Just wanted to swing by and say Hi! I saw you on Her and Nicole's Thursday Link up. So HI! :)

  7. I'm definitely know about the dad look! I also know about the mom look too (cause my mom had one). They both have passed this trait on to me. lol.


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