Eat Drink & Be Mary: Rice Krispies Treats + A Link Up


Rice Krispies Treats + A Link Up

It's Tuesday once again folks, and if you've been around here much you know Tuesdays can only mean one thing.  A recipe.  And this Tuesday is no exception.  I knew I wanted to make my friends and loved ones something for Valentines, and what better than a homemade treat from the heart.

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This recipe is so easy.  As in only three ingredients, easy.  I chose to turn this recipe into a Valentines day treat, but the original three ingredients are perfect for an everyday treat as well.

Side Note: I've realize that I often describe the recipes I share as easy.  So much in fact that you may think my use of the word is "too loose".  But that is not the case.  I simply prefer my baking experiences to be fun and anger free.  Easy.  This may not always be the case, but more times than not, this will ring true.

Rice Krispies Treats
+ 1 Stick of Butter
+ 1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (10oz)
+ 6 C of Rice Krispies Cereal
+ Wax paper
+ 9x13 pan
Additional, optional, ingredients:
+ Candiquik Vanilla Baking Bar (any baking chocolate will work)
+ Red, Pink, Heart, etc Sprinkles
+ Red Food Coloring 

In a large pot, melt the stick of butter on low.  Once the butter is melted, add the bag of mini marshmallows.  Constantly stirring the mixture until melted, on medium heat.  Stirring keeps the mixture from burning.  Once, the marshmallows & butter have completely melted and mixed together remove from heat.  Add in the 6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal, 2 or 3 cups at a time, mixing well.  Remember to scoop the mixture from the bottom, to avoid all the marshmallow mixture remaining at the bottom.  Pour mixture into a 9x13 pan, flatten out and cover with wax paper.  Using your hands press down the Rice Krispies to make the treats as even as possible.  Let harden.  This will only take about 10 minutes.

Once hardened, remove the treats from the pan.  I used a pie server, but whatever you have on hand will work (knife, spatula, etc).  Then using my heart shaped cookie cutters, I cut out several different shapes and placed them on a different sheet of wax paper.  Set your cut out shapes (hearts) into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.  This will help harden the treats a little extra in preparation for the melted chocolate.  
Remove the treats from the fridge.  Melt the candiquik in a microwavable bowl, according to the instructions on the package (usually in 15 sec. intervals, stirring in between).  Add red food coloring to the melted chocolate to achieve the pink you want (I used about 3 drops).  Once you have your chocolate the color you want, you are ready to begin dipping your Rice Krispies Treats.  
Feel free to get as creative as you desire with it, and add sprinkles before the chocolate dries.  Set on wax paper to harden.  Eat & Enjoy!  *The treats do tend to "go soft" when dipped in the chocolate.  Use your hands/spoon/spatula to keep treats intact and prevent them from falling apart.

What I love about this treat is you can use any color & cookie cutter to mix it up and use for any season or occasion.  I plan on making purple colored chocolate, and some bunny & cross cooking cutters for Easter, or maybe red and green chocolate with an assortment of Christmas cookie cutters this December.  
Pictured: White Chocolate dipped Pretzels
Are you making any Valentines treats for your friends and family?  Have you ever made homemade Rice Krispies treats?  Will you be making this wonderfully-pink treat this Valentines day?  Do you have any other ideas for Rice Krispies that would work for another holiday?
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  1. The chocolate covered pretzels look so cute! Love all the different shapes!

  2. Love this, SO cute. Might have to make some Thursday for a late Friday teat :)

  3. Such a cute idea! I love how easy Rice Crispy Treats are to make.

  4. These are so precious! I found your blog through the link-up! I would love it if you would check my blog out!!

  5. Mary!! These turned out so great! I will def have to make these

  6. Now if you sent these to me in the mail I would NOT be mad at you.

  7. Those rice krispies treats look so good!!!

  8. These look amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Yum, we love rice krispies in our house, bet the kids would love them with some chocolate too, and I have some xo cookie cutters too, yay!

  10. Rice Crispies on the grocery list! My little man will love getting heart shaped treats for his V-day party!

  11. My crew loves these treats! They enjoy making them in all shapes and sizes for fun.
    Thanks for sharing with us on Good Tip Tuesday -

  12. Who doesn't love a marshmallow treat!?! Thanks SO much for linking up to Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Hope to see you again tonight!


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