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Our Songs

Happy Valentines Day loves!  In the spirit of all things lovey dovey, I'm keeping this weeks Five on Friday short and sweet with five songs that I'm currently loving & remind me of my man/our relationship for various reasons...

O N E -- God Gave Me You, Blake Shelton.  This is our song, no other explanation needed.
T W O -- See You Tonight, Scotty McCreery.  I've mentioned that Thomas and I are long-distance about 5343 times now *cue eye roll*, and before he came up one weekend he told me to listen to this song.  It is perfect :)

T H R E E -- Doin' What She Likes, Blake Shelton.  Thomas is the sweetest, and is always doing what I like/want.  He's so selfless and is always putting me first, and I thank God for him everyday.

F O U R -- Mine Would Be You, Blake Shelton.  My favorite lines say it best,  "The best damn thing you lucked into?  That's easy girl, mine would be you" and  "Singing like crazy fools, Making up our own words, Laughing 'til it hurts..."  could not ring more true. 
F I V E -- It Goes Like This, Thomas Rhett.  This song simply makes me think of a Thomas and brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. :)

...and in case you're wondering, when I asked Thomas what songs reminded him of us/me he answered with # one, two, three & four! :)   It's safe to say we love us some Blake Shelton, that man can sing!  

Unfortunately this stupid snow storm has canceled two different travel plans for me so far.  So I won't be spending this Love filled day with my Valentine.  Any ideas for a back up plan that won't leave me moping around the house all day dreaming if better weather and being with T. 

So tell me, what are your favorite love songs?  
What songs remind you of that someone special?  
Do you love any of my top 5 songs too?

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  1. Love all of your Blake Shelton picks. His songs are destined to be used as first dance songs . Hope you can at least see your man via facetime or skype to take the edge off a little bit. Have a good weekend girly!

  2. Your songs are so great!! LOL the butt grab in the last picture made me laugh! By the way - since you can't be together, you each should make or pick up the same meal and then via skype eat it together - that way it feels like you are somewhat close.

  3. Found your blog through the link up. And I love a good love song! :) I would say watch lots of great movies tonight! Have fun!

  4. Ohh no, hate it when the weather scuppers plans! I hope you find something productive to do in the meantime :) thanks for introducing me to Blake Shelton! Lovely. Found you on the Friday link up, so I will look forward to your future posts now that I am one of your followers :)

    Thrifty Firecracker.

  5. Finding you through the linkup and excited to follow along on GFC! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and smooches! Xx.

  6. What a cute blog post sweetie! So perfect for Valentine's Day! I'm sad to say Sieg and I don't have a song...that I know of LOL! I hope you have a lovely holiday and even better weekend ahead of you! xo

  7. Oh, yeah, you definitely love Blake Shelton. :) Sorry about your cancelled travel plans -- but I say take today to veg out in sweats and drink some wine/eat some ice cream (who cares that it's cold outside??) and blast some Blake-y boy.

  8. thanks for linking up! these are some pretty cute songs!

  9. Love these songs.. Country is the only way to go :) :)

  10. I love all of these songs but I am not familiar with the Scotty McCreery one. Those pics are great!

  11. You are after my own heart with your country music love!!! Even Mark the Englishman is a country music lover!!! :)

  12. Cute idea for Valentine's five post!! Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day ...& have yourself a lovely weekend too!!

  13. God Gave Me You is one of our songs too. Love it!

  14. Awww no!! So sorry you couldn't be with Thomas this weekend! Love all of these songs- I'm a huge fan of Dave Barne's version of "God Gave Me You" as well as Blake's!

  15. You can't go wrong with any of those songs! Love me some Blake Shelton!

  16. Such a sweet post! Hope you had a great Valentine's day! BTW, found you on Shanna's link up! Come drop by my blog whenever you have time! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  17. Gotta love those country music love songs!! I usually listen to country and all too often the songs make me cry.... I hadn't heard that Scottie McCreery one before!


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