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Eat Drink & Be Mine: Gift Guide

I first, created a gift guide for Christmas through the A Few of my Favorite Things linkup.  I absolutely loved the linkup, a one stop shop to find so many ideas for those hard to get people on your list. See mine here, here & here.  These lists, have many items that would work well for Valentines Day as well.

So when Valentine's day started rolling around, I began mentally compiling a list of things for a Valentine's Day gift guide.  And now I bring to your screen, a gift guides of all sorts.  His. Hers. & for the little ones.  I am still struggling with the last part of my gift for my Valentine, and if anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way!

For Valentine's I tend to struggle on what to get my Valentine.   I want it be full of love, and cute for Valentine's day, but manly enough that he'll enjoy/use it.  Cute & Manly?  Does something like that even exist?  Below are my ideas of a gift cute enough to give on Valentines, and manly enough your man will enjoy.  Here's to hoping you and I both find that perfect give for Mr. Perfect.  ;)

+ Candy, le duh.  And this controller is pure awesomeness.

+ Cologne.  I personally love the "Black" from Rue21 & Ralph Lauren.

Coupons.There are so many ways you can go with these coupons, and guaranteed your Valentine will love them.  Others here & here & here.

+ Clothes.  Such as this shirt from Old Navy.  My poor boy gets clothes from me all the time.  So I'm trying to avoid this item this holiday.  But clothes are always a great gift for your man.

And since I'm apparently going with a "C" theme...
+ Coffee Mug.  Is your man a coffee drinker?  Then get him a mug he'll enjoy drinking out of daily, and that'll add some cuteness to your kitchen || "Attracted to You" || "Over State Lines" buy & DIY

We all know that it is extremely easier to come up with a wish list for ourselves than to figure out what to get others.  And even thought I don't think my Valentine will need any extra help picking out my present, I had so much fun putting together this wish list.  But just in case, here's my idea of the perfect Valentine's gift.

+ No chocolate.  Yes, this is a part of my wish list.

+ "You Complete Me" Mug.  Target, pulling through once again.

+ Wine Glasses.  What girl doesn't want to be wined and dined? And what better way than with these cute wine glasses from Rockglassengravers. And I know some people say what's the point in flowers they die anyways, true, but I just think flowers are so romantic.

+ Anything & Everything from Gigglosophy.  But more specifically this initial necklace or the love date bracelet.  Yes, please with a cherry on top.

+ Build-a-Bear.  I am not a fan of the huge stuffed animals you can find at Walmart this time of year.  But I think a cute, heart covered, bear from Build-a-Bear would be so sweet & thoughtful.

+ Athletic Gear.  More specifically, from Old Navy, cute & for a great price.  Can't wait to get my hands on one of these!


Alphabet and I Love U for Toddlers
XO Onesie.
+ Tutu & Legwarmer Outfit Set.

+ Bow Tie & Chevron
+ Ladies Love Me
Doctor Love

+ Stuffed Animals: ElephantPig | Mouse 
Matching Chevron Outfits
+ Books:
Happy Valentines Day, Mouse! (If You Give a...)
How Do You Hug a Porcupine? 
The Night Before Valentine's Day
Plant a Kiss
Olive You -- A joke book.

For more Valentine's Day inspiration...


  1. OMG. That stuffed pig is just beyond adorable!!!!

  2. I'm hopping over from Liz's blog hop. I love your lists, especially the one for "her." Is that bad if I should focus on my man's Valentine's present, but instead find something I like? ;)


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