Eat Drink & Be Mary: "Cowboy" Rain Boots + Snow Day Photography


"Cowboy" Rain Boots + Snow Day Photography

Mixed prints seems to be the "thing" these days, at least here in blog land.  I'm not exactly sure if I'm a fan or not.  But when it snowed a couple weeks ago I wanted to break out my "Cowboy" styled rainboots, and threw on my warmest coat.  This so happened to be this cute, houndstooth coat.  Hence, my edition of mixed patterns.

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 Coat | Belks (I got mine on Black Friday, score)
Boots | Tractor Supply ($5 what a steal!)
both sold out, unfortunately

I absolutely love that these rainboots are shaped like cowboy boots.  And the wonderful price of $5 wasn't bad either ;)  My bank account, thanks T's sister who told me about this sale!

And some snow day photography fun.  Still learning, but we're going places.

So what do you think.  Do you love these "cowboy" style rain boots?  Do you like the mixing patterns trend?  Did you do anything during all those snow days?  Do you have any photography tips for me?

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  1. I'm definitely a fan of the cowboy rain boots, and I'm still on the fence about mixing prints. I love seeing other people do it, but I haven't quite embraced it myself. You make it look so easy! :)

    Caitlin C

  2. found your bloglovin profile through the fitnessblondie linkup- I LOVE THESE BOOTS! Would never have thought to check Tractor Supply for boots!

  3. Love them! Love you coat even more!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Love the boots! I'm not a big mixed prints kinda girl but this combo works really well together!

  5. THAT COAT!!! i love it! i would totally rock that if it weren't -30 here :( so instead, i dress like my bed (aka bigass puffy ugly coat)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. I love that houndstooth coat! I think both of these prints work very well together, but I am a fan of mixing prints.

  7. Um, yeah. $5 is not too shabby! I love the mix of prints here because it is so subtle and so fun. You look great!

  8. I like that they are close in design/color. When the patterns are too busy I just can't handle it but I like the pieces you chose.

  9. Thanks for linking up! Please add the badge or link to your post :)

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  10. Absolutely love the coat!!

  11. i looked at a pair, love the look.

  12. That coat is super cute! Be proud that you also got it on Black Friday!!! Double Score!!!

  13. I love gumboots. I have had mine for years. But you just too it to another level. For five dollars!!! You are a hero, it is all I can say. I do love a pttern mix. Yours is awesome.

    Fur Earwig


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