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Top 5 Instagrams {According to Y'all!}

Happy Friday Loves!  And what better way to celebrate the weekend that by entering to win some free stuff?  There isn't ;)  Enter Here.  Good luck to each of you, my fingers are crossed! 

 But before I go on with today's post I just wanted to think each and everyone of you for your thoughtful comments on Tuesday's post.  I love that there is such a great community of women in this here blogland, and y'all gave me such great guidance, moved me, and filled with heart with love.  I cannot thank you enough :)

Home is where the heart is.  

My favorite :)

I'm constantly counting down until seeing T.

The way to my heart? Monograms & Chevron.  Thanks Care for my amazing scarf!

Reunited with my love.

Head over Heels.

Brown & Black...together?  Who would've thunk it?

Baseball Love.

How I prepared for the Super Bowl -- Printables found here.

Blessed beyond belief.

Are you an instagram addict too?  Which of these is your favorite?  Happy Friday Friends!
I'll be spending my Friday (and weekend) in sunny SC with T.  I hope y'all have a great weekend.

And for your weekend reading:
Man's Best Friend -- "Moving Past the Grief" via The Grits Blog
Guidance Needed -- "How Far is Too Far?" via Yours Truly (muah)
Exactly what I needed to read this week -- "Putting Myself in Time Out" via A Little Too Jolley

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Currently I'm... + The Little Friday Link Up

Currently I’m…

Drinking: Diet Coke, what else?

Wearing: Leggings, as per usual.  They're just so dang comfy, and make for the perfect outfit on this roadtrippin' day.

Refusing To: Stopping pinning.  My head tells me to be productive, but my heart says "look at this cute project that I may never do, I must pin it to my Crafts/DIY board".  And Lord knows I can't get on pinterest and just pin one pin, and I've wasted two more hours of my life on pinterest.

Losing sleep over: A grown up job/money.  Those college loans aren't gonna pay themselves you know.

Eating: Girl Scout cookies, nom!  Why is it that they deliver your girl scout cookies so close to warmer weather, where we begin to shed layers and the clothes have less material.  

Loving: That I'm finally headed to SC today, two weeks later and I get to celebrate Valentine's with my man.  But more importantly, we finally get to spend some time together and hang out for four solid days.  Eek!

Excited About: An exciting opportunity that may be presenting itself, and opening several doors for me.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Thankful For: All the Lord has blessed me with.  I'm surrounded by family that loves and cares for me.  A boyfriend whose love I can still feel from miles away.  A job(ish) that I truly enjoy while getting paid to do so.  All while getting to bake my little heart out, and post about it and other little things on this here space.

Wishing: This small town of mine had a Target, decent mall, & Moes.  Probably best for my wallet and hips that none of the above are within an hour drive of my house.  But still, my burrito loving self is just wanting a good ole Moes Monday fix.

Coveting: A small jewerly/ring holder.  I have seen so many cute ones recently.  Such as here here & here.

Admiring: Everything from the Modern Tulip Boutique.  I recently won a giveaway to the boutique from Elise @ Cheers Y'all!  If you've never taken a peek at Maeg's cute boutique, what are you waiting for?!  There are so many trendy items, I don't know how I'm ever gonna choose what to get.  Head on over and help me make up my mind on what I should order.

Saying Good-Bye To:  This cold.  No thank you, you're not welcome here.

PS. there's still time to enter my giveaway, your coffee loving heart will thank you. xo.

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Happy Little Friday Everyone!

Little Friday


"Cowboy" Rain Boots + Snow Day Photography

Mixed prints seems to be the "thing" these days, at least here in blog land.  I'm not exactly sure if I'm a fan or not.  But when it snowed a couple weeks ago I wanted to break out my "Cowboy" styled rainboots, and threw on my warmest coat.  This so happened to be this cute, houndstooth coat.  Hence, my edition of mixed patterns.

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 Coat | Belks (I got mine on Black Friday, score)
Boots | Tractor Supply ($5 what a steal!)
both sold out, unfortunately

I absolutely love that these rainboots are shaped like cowboy boots.  And the wonderful price of $5 wasn't bad either ;)  My bank account, thanks T's sister who told me about this sale!

And some snow day photography fun.  Still learning, but we're going places.

So what do you think.  Do you love these "cowboy" style rain boots?  Do you like the mixing patterns trend?  Did you do anything during all those snow days?  Do you have any photography tips for me?

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How far is too far?

I know I usually share a recipe on Tuesdays, but today I have some questions that have filled my head and my heart.  And so I come to this blank white screen, ready to puts my thoughts into words, ask questions I haven't dared to ask out loud, and come to you for help.  If you're looking for a recipe fix, head on over to the Delicious Dish Tuesday link up I am co-hosting.  

8x10in Proverbs Scripture Illustration by unraveleddesign on Etsy
Buy Similar Prints Here.

So today I want to ask you friends, how far is too far?  

Not too long ago, a friend presented me with her situation.  A situation I sort of suspected, but it was a shock nonetheless, but what was to come after was an even bigger shock.  Her course of actions took me off guard, and were against everything I believe in.  So here I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Wanting to give my friend the support she was receiving from no one else in her life, trying to give her words of encouragement, but at the same time trying to shed some light on the situation.  To remind her that actions have consequences.  Consequences she was not considering, and not realizing their long term effects.

I was the one person who was trying to see her side of the situation because others who should have refused to.  They were only voicing their wants, their selfish wants.  Knowing this I didn't want to scare her away.  She needed someone to be there for her, to be sad and feel for her, and to have her back when it all unraveled.  

How could I support her and give her my opinion, without overstepping my boundaries.  Without pushing her farther away to a place where she had no one backing her up.  How far is too far, when I'm trying to offer guidance without voicing my own beliefs and opinions.  How far is too far, when NOT standing up for what I believe in.  

So friends, how far is too far?  What would you do in this situation?  When you want to support your friend, but her decisions are going against everything you believe in?  But is it even your place to say anything?  Or to just nod your head and comfort your confused friend?


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**Sorry for all the vague-ness.  But I do not wish to put my friend's situation on display for the internet to read about.  Nor do I wish to reveal her identity or decisions.  Please respect my wish to keep this situation in it's entirety anonymous. 

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Delicious Dish Tuesday Recipe Link Up + Churro Cupcakes

Welcome to a new week of Delicious Dish Tuesday, where we share our recipes and ask you to share YOUR awesome recipes with us!  Last week we had some delicious looking recipes shared, I love finding all these new recipes to add to my "to-do" list.  This past week my favorite recipe was shared by Brittany @ Fabulously Faint.  

Brittany shared Churro Cupcakes last week.  One look at her pictures, had me drooling!  I absolutely LOVE to bake, and just know that my family would devour these in a heartbeat.  Thanks for sharing Brittany!

Now let's get to partying, grab the button below & link up your recipes :)

Eat Drink & Be Mary

Connect with us-- mention your recipe on Twitter (@eatdrink_mary) or Instagram (@maryjean_xo) & tag me :)  Looking forward to your recipes!

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After a long, tiring weekend I'm back home.  It was good to see my college friends but the weekend was just okay in all honesty.  I was touched by one friend's thoughtfulness and effort into hanging out; it was unexpected.  Made me feel blessed for friendships made so late into my college years.  
Saturday was competition day, up at 7:20 am (who gets up that early on a Saturday), and seemed to last forever, leaving me exhausted!  The girls did soo great at the competition, even though I wasnt exactly happy with the judges' results.  That's what happens with a subjective "sport."  Sigh.  But I was happy with their effort and performance.  So enough about my weekend, on to some confessions on this fine Monday.  *Cue the Confessions song by Usher stuck in my head*
I Confess...
+ I could watch Pitch Perfect everyday.  In fact I do, every night while falling asleep.
+I'm still afraid of the dark.  I think this is connected to my actual fear of being kidnapped.  One too many Criminal Minds.

+ I'm wonder if I'll be able to have kids.  Why I'm not sure, there's no reason behind it.  Just my what ifs...
+ Thanks to Greys Anatomy & House I think I know more about the anatomy & medical stuff, and could possibly save people if need be.

+ I'm addicted to Instagram and Pinterest.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

+ I'm feel pretty darn smart when I figure out an acronym I've never heard of before.  Such as SAHM (stay at home mom) or FWB (friends with benefits).  But if i'm wrong don't tell me, ignorance is bliss right?

Ignorance is not bliss
+ I don't actually believe ignorance is bliss.  I've lived that motto before, and it's no fun.  The truth (once you find it out) sticks with you longer, leaving you angry at yourself for being so naive and ignorant in the first place.

+ I dislike red nail polish on my fingernails, but love it on my toe nails.  Odd, I know.

+ I enjoy drinking coffee out of my M&M mug.  I refuse to give up on my childhood dream of becoming the green M&M.  

 + At school when Subway was 3 miles away I refused to eat there.  I was never "in the mood".  But now that Subway is 20 miles away, I love and crave it.  And I eat it at least once a week.

+ I mentioned on Friday that I would have a surprise for you today.  And it's finally  here, and I'm so giddy over this!  Enjoy!

Can you relate to any of these confessions?  What is something you want to confess?

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