Eat Drink & Be Mary: Top 5 Reasons I Love January


Top 5 Reasons I Love January

Top 5 Reasons I love January
Also referred to Juan-ary for my fellow Bachelor lovers out there.

1.       Snow.  I love watching the snow fall from the comfort (inside) of my home.  Not to be confused with being outside in the falling snow, sure it’s gorgeous but like I said I can see that from inside my warm house. 
Still funny even though I do like to do outdoor winter activities.

2.       January’s, and really winter in general,  cold temperatures are the perfect excuse to fill your crockpots will all sorts of chilis and soups.  And boy do I love me some soup.  I’m that girl that will still eat soup in the middle of July. 

3.       It means we are that much closer to Valentines Day.  I have always been a lover of Valentines Day.  I do think that you should be expressing your love for your other half year round.  But a day focused on flowers, candy & wine?  I’m not gonna say no.  So yes, we’re that much closer to lovers day my friends.
Cute Valentine Treats #valentine #treats  sweet valentine treat. <3
source                                           source

4.       Did I mention that the Bachelor started this month? I love me some reality TV show.  I don’t care if some lines are scripted, or if the whole things made up and completely fake.  I eat it up.  Speaking of all things yummy, check out this season’s eye candy…

5.       I just love snowmen decoration.  After all the happiness & cheer are taken down with the Christmas decorations; it brings me joy to still see snowmen decked out all around the house.  They are just adorable in my option.
♥ Snowmen snowmen

What do you love about January?
 Have any soup/chili recipes I should try this winter?  Do tell!
Happy Hump Day my friends.  Go out and do something productive today.

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Ps.  This was much harder than my Top 5 November post.  
I’m just not a cold weather kinda gal.  
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  1. You had me with every single reason except snow! I can't stand the stuff. In a perfect world if I could spend all day in my house just looking at it I would LOVE the stuff, but when I have to go out in it (not cool!) Snowman decorations however are the!


  2. BACHELOR!!! YES! BEST part of January and Mondays!!!! xx

  3. I'm not a fan of winter. I would rather live in the south or west coast lol I just got my parents a crockpot for winter so I've been some recipes that we can do in the crockpot.

    Happy Hump Day!

  4. ha! love that somecard at the top! that is so me!

  5. I am addicted to watching The Bachelor. Addicted.

  6. I am all about see the snow from the inside of a nice and warm house!! Juan Pablo is so gorgeous but not sure on the personality though. I can't look away though! ;)

  7. That baked potato soup recipe looks so good. Chili and soups are definitely my favorite part of winter! Check out The Foodie Friday link on my blog for some tasty soups and chili recipes :)


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