Eat Drink & Be Mary: Inspiration Needed, Help Wanted


Inspiration Needed, Help Wanted

Alright girls, over this past week I've seen several bloggers talk about inspiration, and crossing that line into imitation and straight up copying.

Better to fail in originality quotes quote life life lessons be yourself be original originality imitation

I am in current need of some photo inspiration.  I am not a fashion blogger, and would never claim to be.  I have an okay sense of style, and don't own many fancy, luxury brand clothes.  But I love pictures,and occasionally will showcase an outfit I loved, for price that's easy on the eyes, and bank account.  And more often, I will just simply want to post pictures of myself, and loved ones in my day-to-day life.  
What Fires Me Up: ORIGINALITY (no one likes to be copied, everyday)
So here's the part where you ladies come in.  I believe that with pictures the topic of "copying" is a little different.  I mean how many poses are out there?  But, I would never want to infringe on someone else's creative thinking.  So...where do you find inspiration for your photos & ideas for how to pose in them?  I'm currently at a roadblock.  I have three go to poses.  

The "Hands on Hips, Smile on Lips".

The "Arms Crossed".

The "I'm Casually Holding my Hair Out of my Face because You Never Know When a Gust of Wind May Blow and Ruin My Picture" pose.

...although I do like these poses, and they will probably remain my top three go to's I am in need of a couple new poses to mix it up.  In need of inspiration, without crossing that line over to imitation.  So please, help a girl out...where do you find your ideas and creative inspiration for such poses?

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  1. I usually just go with whatever feels right in the moment. I have been trying to not make my pictures look "too posed" but I'm sure we all fall into patterns. The only one that I never ever do is the fashion blogger, look at the ground pose because I don't understand why anyone does that lol


  2. Haha! I love poses. I actually got mine from one of my fav bloggers, pity she stopped doing fashion posts and went all arts and crafty.

    My poses are 'look at my feet', 'look out of the window' and 'the hair touch'. If I'm wearing a dress with pockets then my pose is 'hands in pockets trying to look cute'. I'm sure you could recognise what I'm talking about on my blog.

    Corinne x

  3. I just move around a lot while Jon snaps photos. Try Pinterest and magazines

  4. I am so in the same boat. I always feel so awkward when I move out of my comfortable poses!

  5. Too funny! I don't know if people have a "signature" pose or if that is even a thing. I think the originality comes from the outfits you choose and how you style it, at least in my opinion.

  6. Love these poses, I'm with you I have my go-to ones as well. I often look at the bloggers I love then try their poses out. Sometimes they work and sometimes I look ridiculous. :)


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