Eat Drink & Be Mary: Christmas Recap


Christmas Recap

Christmas Day Recap--a week late.  Better late than never. ;)

You know your growing up when the first thing you do on Christmas morning is not open presents, but prepare Christmas breakfast. I never thought that day would come. After getting breakfast in the oven, my dad read from the Bible his iPad Luke 2: 1-18 (crazy how this world has evolved and we can read the Word of God on a 7” screen). Being reminded of the reason for the season is such a wonderful way to start off Christmas morning and all the madness that can come with it.

 Then the moment we’d all been waiting for…unwrapping all the goodies Santa brought us for being oh so nice this year. And Santa was extra giving this year—we all have so much to be grateful for. I mainly got clothes (and who doesn’t love clothes). You may have seen me mention on twitter that I got nine pairs of leggings and tights. It’s safe to say me and elastic waist bands are best friends. I also received a tripod to accompany my graduation present (cannon rebel t3i) & some chalk pens; which kept me entertained all afternoon. And yes, my Grandaddy was there to watch it all, keeping tradition. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

After unveiling our “rewards” for being naughty nice all year long we had our Christmas breakfast with my Grandaddy. This year I made the breakfast & it was a hit. Stay tuned, I will be sharing the recipe this Tuesday. And you don’t wanna miss this one considering the entire 9x13 dish was devoured within minutes.

The afternoon was spent playing around with our Christmas gifts. Every year, my brothers get at least one video game. My dad always lets them bring their Xbox down to the living room, and play it on the HD tv. Nothing says Christmas day like violent video games, let me tell ya. Later in the evening my Grandmama & Bubby came over. We opened more presents & ate the most delicious pot roast (on my request) for Christmas dinner. Yum! We then finished up the night playing games & watching Santa Claus 3 finishing up the last item on my Christmas bucket list—success.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I know my family was more than blessed this year. 
 So tell me, what did you do this Christmas? Did you do a “Christmas Round-up” post; if so, leave a comment & the link below.
Did you finish your Christmas bucket list?

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