Eat Drink & Be Mary: Weekend Recap: Holiday Style


Weekend Recap: Holiday Style

This past week flew by incredibly too quickly.  I say it all the time, but time flies.  Seriously.  Where does the time go? I can't believe my week at home/break from school is already over and it's back to hitting the books for the end of the semester.  And boy will I be glad when this semester college thing is over and done with.  Words can NOT explain.

Pre-Thanksgiving Highlights of the Week:
1. Seeing my two favorite little men.  Preston (2years) and Carson (4months).
2. Family Pictures--the behind the scene action deserves it's own post all in its own.

He is such a little ham!

Our Thanksgiving feast in all it's glory.

My sweet Grandaddy.

Is this not the sweetest thing you've seen?  I just can't.

Once again I am adding in Thursday to this week's weekend recap and linking up with Sami.  With all the Thanksgiving festivities with family I couldn't resist.  Thanksgiving.  Every year we host Thanksgiving at my parents house.  My whole dad's side of the family comes down and it is fun to
say the least.  All of us getting together is a treat, and has left me with memories I will treasure as I grow older and have my own family with Thanksgiving plans.  This year was no exception of the usual amazing food and desserts.  I definitely indulged in all Thanksgiving goodness that graced our multiple tables this year.  My tummy is beyond happy; my pants not so much--back to the gym I go...

Black Friday Brown Thursday as my dad referred to it (he told me that was an actual this true?) started for my family a little after 6pm.  Side note: the fact that "Black Friday" even took place this year at 6pm blows my mind.  What the heck happened to the holiday where we spend with family, stuffing our faces, and giving thanks.  Now it has been taken over by the stores to get the best deals...lame.  That's what I think of that.  My justified it through some well thought through logic-we
were spending family time during our shopping hours.  Sure mom, what ever helps you sleep at night ;)  But in all seriousness a lot of my family did take part in the Black Friday festivities.  My mom.  Aunt L.  Cousin S and Cousin S.  & Grandma J.  (everyone else went home to go to sleep-no joke & then there's my brothers who would rather die than be caught shopping so do they really count?).  SO yes Mom, you are correct once again--6 hours of shopping nonstop = good, quality family time.  We braved the craziest shopping day of the year for some more than worth it deals and we have the clothes/shoes/gifts to prove it.


Dad & Aunt L                                                Aunt L & Dad
My dad and his sister look soooo much alike.  I really wish you could see it better in these pictures.
Friday || November 29, 2013, my daddy turned the big five oh.  Yep, that's right.  My daddy is 50.  Officially "over the hill."  We celebrated his birthday getting some good ole southern Bar-B-Q.  Yumm!!  The evening was spent playing games and some good ole fashioned family time.  I am so
very thankful to have been blessed with a dad like mine.

 This isn't the best of pictures--I realize that.  But it's hard to get a "good" picture of all 7 cousins on
my dad's side (minus Eddie).  Therefore, I wanted this documented.  The End.
Saturday || Our families' last day in town.  My brothers and I have been lucky enough to grow up with 3/5 grandparents in the same county as us.  But our Aunt, Uncle and their families live in different
states and Thanksgiving is one of the rare time that we are all together.  Sunday both families will be returning to their homes and will be sincerely missed--as I grow older I realize how precious time is with each other.  Look at me sounding all grown up and profound if that's even a...the right word.  So will all that said, we tried to cram a lot into Saturday their last day here.  Cousin S, my brother, my mom and I all went to see the Delivery Man.  The best parts of touching and funny all in one--in my personal opinion.  Which really doesn't mean much.  After that we all went over to my Grandaddy and Grandma J's house joining most of the gang just to squeeze in a little more QT with my dad's brother's family.  We then returned to my Grandmama and Bubby's house for a lasagna dinner.  I've mentioned before they are amazing cooks and this was no exception.

Sunday || My mom and I got breakfast at a place called Troys.  It's soo good and it was good to spend some extra quality time with my mom.  After running a few last minute errands around town we went and picked out our Christmas tree.  The good thing about where I love is that it is Christmas tree city.  No, really.  There are Christmas tree farms everywhere here.  I love picking out our Christmas tree.  My brothers have lost interest in this tradition, and too be honest I don't think my dad ever had too much interest in it either, but my mom and I still love it with all of our beings.  Picking out the tree and decorating it just add to the true feeling of Christmas spirit around these parts.

Now off to a week filled with papers and end of semester junk work.  Wish me luck!!

Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. I can't wait to get our Christmas tree!! I need to finish putting up the rest of my Christmas decorations; I started this weekend but got lazy and never finished! ha! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving break!


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