Eat Drink & Be Mary: The Weekend of Celebrations


The Weekend of Celebrations

What a whirlwind of a weekend--graduation, moving, and the last weekend before Christmas.  A recipe for chaos if I've ever heard one.  Trying to cram everything in this weekend was pure madness and went by in a blur like always.  And Christmas is only 2 days away!!! Seriously where have the days gone?

This weekend I...

Friday | was spent packing up my entire life last four years into two cars.  Bittersweet.  Life as I've known it for the last four years currently resides in numerous boxes and trash bags.  Graduation began at 5pm and it was over and I was graduated an hour and a half later.  Talk about short, sweet and to the point.  Perks of a small college?  After graduation, my family + Thomas' family + Heather's family all had dinner at Bellagios Bistro & then said our final goodbyes. I plan of seeing them both in the month of January.  Yipee! After dinner, my brother and I made the trip home in my car.  Two hours of actual engaging conversation.  From a boy that usually only speaks of sports & bashing my "predictable," stupid, girly shows this is something I will treasure forever.
I can not express my thanks enough to the people that attended our graduations 
& for my graduation gifts.  I love them ALL!  

 | My parents and I finished up some extremely last minute Christmas shopping in the morning.  Better late than never.  The afternoon/evening was spent with my dad visiting my Grandmama & Bubby, experimenting with my graduation present (Canon Rebel T3i--thank you mom & &  dad!!), wrapping presents and watching Scrooged & Santa Claus 2.  The pictures above are some of the experimenting I've been doing with my camera so far.  I'm definitely an amateur and I've got a lot to learn.  Got any tips?  Please send them my way :)

Sunday | After taking too long to get ready this morning (not entirely my fault my life belongings are residing in boxes and bags) we missed church, but my brother made my mom and I breakfast.  How sweet.  Then it was my family's first Christmas celebration with my Grandaddy & Grandma Judy.  Side note: my brothers and I have been blessed to grow up around 4 of our 6 grandparents.  It was a fun afternoon of football, family, and face stuffing.  My three favorite "F's".  Well close anyways.  Sunday night was wrapped up by the family watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  The movie provided lots of laughs & I got to check another movie off my bucket list

Tis the season y'all!

What were you up to this past weekend?
Have you and yours already began to celebrate the greatest holiday, too?
If you're stopping by from a link up, take a second and say hello. :)
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  1. Congratulations on your graduation!!! That is such an accomplishment, and it feels soooo good!! Congrats again!

  2. Congrats on graduation!!! Looks like a jam packed weekend. :)

  3. Congrats on officially graduating!! That santa mug is too cute! Glad you got to spend the weekend with the family and starting some celebrations!

  4. You are so cute! Congrats on graduating!

  5. I love your picture skills. I really like the twinkling tree lights too.

    Congrats on your graduation! That's awesome :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!


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