Eat Drink & Be Mary: The Weekend I've Been Waiting For...


The Weekend I've Been Waiting For...

Sunday is finally here. The day I’ve been waiting for…but before I get too ahead of myself let me me back up a little. The weekend after the holidays. Wow, what a difference since last weekend. All the hustle and bustle has died down. People are beginning to take down their trees.   And Christmas songs have stopped gracing radio land with their presence. How depressing. The days after Christmas just don’t have the same feeling as the days leading up to the Lord’s big day. But before this post gets entirely too depressing—I bring to you my weekend recap! 

Friday – Some QT was spent with my Grandmama and Bubby. They live maybe two miles away from where we live. It has been such a blessing to grow up living so close to them. We played games (a common activity seen to grace their tables) & they let me go through their Christmas decorations they no longer want. I was tickled pink at the amount of décor they gave me. So generous! 

 Later that evening I met up with two of my best friends from high school (Carolyn & Michelle—I’ve mentioned them many times before). Dinner date & a gift exchange. Much needed and let’s just say they feel my obsession with diamonds and confusion for how everyone around us is getting engaged. I am so blessed to have such great friends that know me so well. The gifts they got me were perfect. I mean seriously…leggings & a monogrammed infinity scarf. 

 Afterwards, I met my parents for a family workout shesh. Haha that sounds so funny to me, but it’s true. My dad got us a family membership to a local gym; my bank account thanks him to the shallow bottom of her whole heart. 2 things about this adventure-- 1. The movie The Santa Claus was on the TV. I didn't know they still played Christmas movies after the holidays, but I didn't hate it. 2. Do you guys ever try to read while on the elliptical? That ish is hard! I’ve seen other bloggers talking about reading while working out; but I just can’t do it for some reason. But I love to read.  Oh, the struggle.  A for effort? 

Saturday – Talk about a day of relaxation. Sleeping in. Breakfast from Panera. Spent the morning and afternoon catching up on the numerous Criminal Mind shows I have recorded on our DVR. Relaxation, I tell ya!  We then spent the evening taking down our tree, and by we I mean my mom and I. Followed by more family bonding at the gym. And finally, the entire family finished off the night watching the movie, The Impossible. It’s a pretty great movie—about a family that was in a tsunami and their journey to finding their way back to each other. I rarely recommend this type of movie, but it was eye opening and truly touching.  

Sunday – The day. The day I've been waiting for.  The day I drove down to good ole South Carolina to see my sweet boyfriend and his family. After making the four hour road trip bright and early this morning I was finally reunited with my sweet man.  I plan to be spending the evening and the next couple of days soaking up as much QT as I can.  Cheers to the next 3 days and an amazing New Years. :)

For the next weekish I will be traveling around in South Carolina. But no worries, I already have some posts all lined up and scheduled to be viewed on your side of the screen. 
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Have a great week my loves. And of course, a Happy New Year. 
May your 2014 be blessed with happiness and new beginnings! 
Stay tuned tomorrow I bring you, My 2013 Year in Review.

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  1. So fun! I live in SC. What parts will you pass through?

  2. I can not read while working out either. i am usually hopping and bopping too much! Hope you have a great time visiting with man!


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