Eat Drink & Be Mary: The Girl Behind the Blog.


The Girl Behind the Blog.

Hey y'all!  Thanks for stopping by.
I've noticed recently that many of you are new around here.  And what better time than now to talk about some of the quirks that make me, well me.  I am so flattered that you have taken time to stop by my baby blog and follow along this crazy life I lead. 

Today I am making a guest appearance over at The Modern Tulip.  I am beyond thrilled to be guest hosting over there.  Not only is this my very first guest post, but I have known Maegen since we were little tots.   

Can you spot the girls behind Eat Drink & Be Mary and The Modern Tulip  ?

So without further adieu...

Seven things you may or may not want to know about me: 
+ I love to bake.  Not to be confuse with cooking.  I don't cook.  It's just not my thing.  That is, unless you consider Kraft Mac 'n Cheese cooking.  And in that case you'd probably consider me a chef.  It's my specialty.  Some of my favorite things I've baked recently are these Oreo Balls and Oreo Upside-Down Mini Cheesecakes.  Noticing a trend?

+I am a Pinterest addict.  Am I married? Nope, not even engaged.  Do I have any little tots? Negative.  Do I know what I'm doing with my life? That would be a big, fat no.  I hardly know what I'm doing tomorrow.  But if you saw my Pinterest boards you would think I had the perfect wedding (with all the perfect Pinterest inspired decorations), live in my magazine worthy  house with my husband, 2 kids, and a dog.  Leisurely spending all my time baking and crafting all the DIY projects I am constantly repining.  

+ Proof reading.  I should do it more often.  I guess it's the rebel in me that just doesn't wanna look over that English paper before doing it because that's what nerds do.  But really I should.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  A blogger volunteered to proof read blogger's post--I jokingly volunteered to be subject to the brutal corrections, but was given the a-okay.  My parents seem to disagree though. Hmmm....
I have been trying more recently, but I still miss the occasional typos. 
 Dern fingers, hitting the wrong keys. 

+ I can't ride a bike.  I once learned.  Forgot.  Wrecked.  Re-learned.  Forgot again.  And have yet to muster up the courage to what seems like just another wreck.  This is kinda embarrassing.  I'm the exception to the phrase, "it's like riding a bike."  Remind me again why I've decided to include this face and tell the entire blog world that I can't do what most four year olds have mastered.  

+ I am scared of big dogs.  This may or may not be related to a big dog charging at me at the young age of two, for stealing all the attention.  Can't Stop, Won't Stop. ;)

+I once made sugar cookies with salt instead of sugar.  When I admitted this to the loves of this blog world most of y'all admitted you've either done this before or sounds like something you'd do.  That warms my heart.  Sidenote: Does that make me a bad person?  I just like to know we're all in this together.

+ I am a lover of all things coffee, Instagram, and anything with an elastic waist band.  Thanks to Santa Baby, I gained not one, two, but nine more pairs of leggings and tights this Christmas.  

With all that said and done it seems that I am a college graduate who has no clue what she's doing with her life, doesn't know the difference between sugar and salt, hates dogs and doesn't even know how to ride a bike.  While this is not how I'd describe myself to someone, it doesn't hit to far from home.  So I've either scared you away or hopefully this has intrigued you to follow along this crazy ride I call life.  Who knows maybe I'll finally learn how to ride a bike again.  

To learn more check out my year in review!
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  1. Thanks for this post its awesome!!! New blogger and no won't be running just yet ;) seriously, someone who loves baking, coffee and all things oreos....I think you'll be okay ;) Great post!

  2. Those Oreo cheesecakes look delish! I am totally Pinterest and Instagram junkie too so i can totally relate! Yoga pants totally help with all the baking deliciousness!!

  3. HI MARY. I am Ada and I found you through one of the link-ups and happy I stopped by. I love the name of your blog and this introduction post was great. You have adorable style, too.

    Believe it or not you have things in common with me:
    - I also don't know how to ride a bike.
    - I hate bad grammar and bad spelling.
    - I am afraid og big dogs too. I have also had an incident/been bitten by a dog when I was around 12 years old.
    - I love leggings and tights and wear them a lot, especially in Winter.

    You got a new fan & follower here. Hope you stop by my blog and support me by following. Thank you.


  4. I love that you did this! This is such a great idea! and Pinterest is so addicting!

    I am hosting a weekend recap with another blogger, would love for you to be a part of it

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