Eat Drink & Be Mary: Gym Tan Library Repeat.


Gym Tan Library Repeat.


It seems I seem to do since getting back from Thanksgiving break is repeat this vicious cycle over and over.

To be honest, the gym is only taking up about an hour of my day, if that.  Tanning: only forty minutes and that's including driving time.  And my sleep schedule hasn't been the best due to trying to fit everything into everyday.  Waking up around nine and staying up til at least midnight.  That puts me in the library for the remainder of day.  No joke.  I even eat most meals on my walk to the library or inside.  Shhhh Don't tell. Eating isn't allowed.  Shows you the little rebel I am.  Or my addiction to food.  I'll let you decide that one. ;)

With all that being said there's not to much happening on my side of the screen.  Excepting typing an outrageously number of papers, data research, and lesson plans.  AKA: Finals week.
In other words, I have no life until December 9th @ 5pm--minus my much needed breaks that I give myself :)  Soooo I thought I'd let y'all in on some countdowns I that I am currently living by...

Let the Countdown Begin...

Days until...
my portfolio is due (the magical date): FOUR

my roommate's birthday (Dec. 9): FOUR
and this just so happens to be the same day all my work will be turned in. 
PERFECT timing for a celebration if you ask me!!

my last Saturday class: NINE

Graduation: FIFTEEN
unfortunately, this also begins my long distance relationship with Thomas with no official ending date. 
aint that a bittersweet day if you've ever heard one
Commence, tears on tears, ice cream pints and romantic comedies

Christmas: TWENTY

Looking at all of this I realize that I really focused on the future, and what is to come.  It is so important to be in the here and now.  These are supposedly  the days of our lives, and as my college career comes to an end I am going to do my best to savor these moments.  These moments and memories will all be over and done with before we know it.

Living in an area with all of your closest friends and boyfriend within 5 minutes is a luxury that I have taken for granted.  I will seriously miss that the most...
...and thats all I'm going to leave you with for now. 
What are you counting down the days til? 
Do you have any countdowns even further into the year?

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