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Five on Friday

This weeks Five on Friday brought to you by a college graduate. Well almost.
Ahhh Today's the big day.  D-day minus the D and add a G.  Yep, that's right Graduation day is upon us.  I can't believe this day is finally here.  Seriously--four and a half years of hard work.  I may or may not skip across that stage hooting and hollering.  

ONE.  While at home this weekend and at the beginning of this week Thomas and I Saw the most breathtaking, gorgeous sunset.  It was such a beautiful reminder of our creator in Heaven, and how only God could create this stunningly gorgeous world we live in.  I mean seriously the clouds look like their on fire--and of course the pictures don't even come close to how it looked in person.

TWO. Earlier this week Thomas and I went into my mom's kindergarten classroom to help them build a festive snack.  It was so sweet to see Thomas with those kids.  My mom got the idea off of every girl's best friend--aka: Pinterest. Pinterest never fails.  And these are the cutest things ever!

THREE. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is baking sugar cookies.  Pure bliss.  I made these adorable treats earlier this week and have deemed it a success & checked it off my list of things to do this 
holiday season.  But if you're looking for a laugh you can read about The time I made sugar cookies with salt... Womp, womp, womp

FOUR. As much as I dread saying it--I LOVE the place I grew up.  It may be a little too small for me at times.  Too much fast food, not enough decent restaurants, and not near big enough mall (if you can 
consider it a that).  But it is simply gorgeous!  So on Monday Thomas and I adventured around town.  This resulted in of course  pictures--lots and lots of pictures

FIVE. Today I am graduating college.  Is this real life?  It felt like it would never end & now I'm not sure if I'm okay it anymore.  Big girl decisions?  No thank you.  I'll take living surrounded by all my friends, spending weekends on the couch watching Greys Anatomy on repeat, and skipping class to have a girl's day and spend hours at the mall.  Finding a job on the other hand?  No thank you.  No. No.  NO.  Even the thought of how much stress it brings me makes me wanna hide under my covers and not get out of my bed.  But enough of the negative.  Today is a day of looking towards the future.  So here's a peek at my graduation cap. Follow along with the graduation madness on Instagram

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Only 5 days til Christmas!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on graduating!! And love the sunset pictures! So pretty :) Have a great weekend!

  2. That sunset is gorgeous! Gotta love a guy that can listen! ;) Serves him right. Haha. Congrats on Graduating!

  3. Those cookies look great! And I love your boots!


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