Eat Drink & Be Mary: Five on Friday: Holiday Edition


Five on Friday: Holiday Edition

It's Friday Y'all!  Which for most people, including myself, it doesn't feel much different than any other day due to being on break from work/school.  But still Friday's hold a special place in my heart.  I mean I'm pretty sure no other explanation is needed.  So here's five things that have been happening in my life lately...

ONE. I will be posting my Christmas Recap next Wednesday (yes I realized that's New Years Day), but I thought I'd give a little Christmas Eve recap today.  We have spent the last couple Christmas Eve's at my Grandmama & Bubby's house.  It is fun to focus on family and not as much on the presents that will come the next day.  We play lots and lots of games everytime we go to their house, so Christmas Eve was no exception.  Games & Good Food--what else could you want.  It was so much fun spending time with them.  The night was capped off by my family watching It's A Wonderful Life another Christmas tradition.  

TWO. This was the first year I was in control of the Christmas breakfast--eek!  Which is a miracle in itself seeing I am not a morning person by any means.  It was absolutely delicious.  Stay tuned, recipe coming to a screen near you soon.

THREE. Earlier this week, I participated in my first giveaway.  How exciting!  And also put my idea of NYE outfits for going out and staying in.  I'm no fashionista, but if I say so myself, these outfits are pretty dang cute.  And I plan on putting together something similar to the "staying in".  Speaking of NYE--Are you in need of some New Years Neccessities?  Then what are you waiting for enter the giveaway!

FOUR. Speaking of New Years Eve.  1-I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone, and the New Year is almost here!  My 2013 Year in Review will be posted Tuesday.  I have a feeling this post will be interesting considering most of my year took place before I "entered" the blogging world.

FIVE. I am LOVING my new chalkboard markers I got for Christmas.  I got the chalkboard a while ago around my birthday, and now I finally have chalk to experiment with.  I'm totally having all ball--check it out...

And that's it folks.  Another week over.  And what an magical week it was.

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  1. I love your chalkboard. I want one. Happy holidays. I am following your on Bloglovin from the That Friday Blog Hop.

  2. Your breakfast looks so yummy!! I am looking forward to reading about it!


  3. Whatever that is that you made for Christmas breakfast.. yum! It looks so good! Happy Friday!

  4. Those cinnamon buns look a-MAZ-ing!!! I love the black and gold looks for New Years Eve! Your handwriting is so neat, I fear mine would look not so cute! What a great gift!

  5. Chalkboard markers?! I didn't know those existed! I'll have to keep my eye out for those.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

  6. I LOVE those chalkboard markers!!! Amazing!!

  7. Hey from the blog hop! And since you asked, Utterly Chaotic designed my blog. She's done a couple designs for me and I love them all!

  8. Hey, new follower from the No Rules Blog Party. I'm loving that black sequins dress, so pretty! :) Also, chalkboard markers? I had no idea! I think I need these.


  9. Oh my gosh I'm anxiously awaiting the recipe for that breakfast. Holy cow. And chalk markers are SUCH a good gift idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for my birthday!


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