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Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf.  
What a brilliant idea.  I wish I would've come up with the idea.  Then I'd be rolling in the dough.  Seriously, think of the possibilities.  But no while some genius invented a stuffed elf--to threaten help little tots behave during this crazy time of year, I have watched over 5 episodes of Parenthood and Greys Anatomy today all while stuffing my face.  Next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs right here.  Remember the name.
But seriously what a wonderful thought.  I wish I had my own little tot to use this little kinda creepy elf against and come up with crazy shenanigans for the elf to get into.  The possibilities seem endless.  And even though the holiday season is well underway and almost over I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas I've seen for the infamous ELF ON THE SHELF--just in case your starting to run out of ideas...
Elf on the shelf gone fishing
Fishing Elf
Elf on the shelf
Chilly Elf
Super Simple Elf on the Shelf Ideas
Elf on the Shelf - roasting marshmallow @Andrea / FICTILIS / FICTILIS / FICTILIS / FICTILIS / FICTILIS / FICTILIS / FICTILIS Bagby this is a funny one!
S'mores Elf
Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Elf plays Twister with all the other toys. Clever! Cute.
Twister Elf

And my personal favorite...
Pooping elf
Pooping Elf
I mean really--these are too cute and a little creepy!!  How can you resist this? 
These elf-like shenanigans brought to you by my dear, dear friend pinterest.
What are your favorite elf shenanigans?  Do you use Elf on the Shelf in your house?
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  1. I totally think the elf is a creepy little tattle tail! Haha! My friend is doing a kindness elf where they do good deeds for good behavior instead. There are a lot of creative elf on the shelf ideas though.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am looking forward to following along with your blog :)


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