Eat Drink & Be Mary: 2013: A Year in Review


2013: A Year in Review

Today is the last day of 2013.  Does anyone else find this absolutely insane & impossible to be true.  It feels like yesterday I was puckering up at midnight and ringing in the New Year with fireworks.  I just don't get where the time goes?  Seriously, I'm baffled.  
As the year ends I wanted to reflect on all that has happened within this last year.  It has been a wonderful year.  My family and I have been extremely blessed & I couldn't ask for more.  Also, I've realized several new readers around these parts, and thought that this (along with yesterdays post) would help you get to know me a little better.  
ps. I realize lots of bloggers are doing similar posts these days but I figured it would still be fun plus I haven't been blogging all year so you may learn something new :) ENJOY!

January February & March
Highlights ||  + NYE with Thomas & his family
+Went hunting for the first time
+Family came to visit from Colorado
+ Started my last semester of college classes 
+ Celebrated our first Valentines Day together
+Watched Thomas play many, many, many baseball games in the freezing cold
+ Danced in my last ever BMC concert.  Bittersweet.
+Celebrated Easter with Thomas' family
+Spent Spring Break with my best friend, Care, at Topsail Beach

April, May & June
Highlights ||  +Finished my last semester of college classes
+ Got a little sister in my sorority; miss her so much!
+Hanna turned 1 & Hunter turned 4 (T's niece and nephew) loved being able to celebrate with them
+ Had a mini photo shoot with my love (only help out a friend but either way I LOVE the pictures)
+ Senior Banquet for my sorority & BMC
+Watched my best friend, Care, graduate from ASU
+Spent countless days at the beach & lake
--beach trip with best friend & both our boyfriends
--beach trip with Thomas' family
+Countless hiking trips with my parents
+ One year anniversary with T
+Catching 22 fish in two hours in the pond behind my house

July, August & September
Highlights || + Celebrating July 4th with Thomas family.  Fireworks show by T-man himself
+Thomas' 23rd birthday (whoa nelly!)
+ Caught my first shark & a foot long shark!
+Trip to England with my clogging team, BMC
+My youngest nephew was born, July 17th 
+Eddie deployed.  Only a few days after his son's birthday--emotional to say the least (but within a couple months he should be back in the USA!!)
+Went camping for the first time ever.  With Thomas' family & it was in a camper, but I'm pretty sure that still counts.
+ Started Student Teaching with the best group of 3rd graders I could've asked for
+Visited Care in her new Charlotte apartment--so much fun!
+This little blog was created & my very first post was the last weekend in Sept.

October || +Celebrated my 22nd birthday
+ Homecoming
+ Competed in my last Nationals competition as a Bailey Mountain Clogger
+ Became a member of the All-American 2013 Clogging Team
+Carved Pumpkins
+Spent Halloween with my 2 favorite people. Even though Halloween was in the middle of the week & I had to teach little tots in the morning, it was still lots of fun

November || +Went on a field trip with my little 3rd graders
+Road tripped with my main man--my home, his home, Charlotte...
+Attended my last BMC Thanksgiving Banquet
+Took lots of target practice-- You know you're dating a country boy when...
+ Celebrated Care & Deanna's 23rd birthday (all my friends are getting old!)
+Thanksgiving with my whole dad's side of the family
+My dad turned the big FIVE-OH
+Pcked,cut, & decorated the Christmas tree

December || +Spent everyday in the library for a week
+Secret Santa BMC Banquet
+ Changed my blog name to Eat Drink & Be Mary
+Made sugar cookes--my favorite Christmas tradition
+ My roommate and best friend, Heather, turned 23
+Graduated from College!!
+Celebrated Christmas Eve & Day with my family 

...and now I'm spending my last few days of the year with Thomas + his family 

Goals & Resolutions for 2014
Go on a diet.  Never drink soda again. Eat Clean. Be a better me. 
None of these are bad ideas--I just never put my whole heart into completing my resolutions throughout the entire year.  This year, since I never stick to them, I thought I'd save myself the trouble and do my best to sticking to the saying, "Do what you love, Love what you do."  

What about you?  Do you make New Years Resolutions, and if you do, do you stick to them?
Have a Blessed and Happy New Year my loves!  You've made this year one to remember & I can't wait to see what this next year has to offer.

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