Eat Drink & Be Mary: You know you're dating a country boy when...


You know you're dating a country boy when...

Country boys.  Who doesn't love them?  Not this girl.  I can't get enough of it.  
In the south the boys raised to be gentlemen, their accents are sweet and the sweet tea sweeter. They cook.  They hunt.  They can bait a hook and shoot any target  They drive trucks and wear boots.  
What's not to love?  I mean honestly!  
Let me know if you come up with something.

Well you know when you're dating a country boy when you go home with him for the weekend and you spend it hunting, taking target practice, and eating amazingly southern food.  Thank goodness for South Carolina boys and the families that raise them.

Now that my student teaching assignment is over I have found myself with a lot of free time, so much in fact that I don't know what to do with myself.  So this weekend my cute redhead of a boyfriend hopped in the car and took a road trip to his house in South Carolina.  

Friday | We took the 3 hour drive to South Carolina and as soon as we arrived at his house I was thrown a pile of camofluage clothes and rushed to put them on.  Gotta get in the woods...times a tickin'  Spending two hours in a tree stand is not quite my cup of tea; however, I figure if he can be my photographer half the time then I outta spend some quality time doing what he loves most.  Hunting.  

| My dear sweet country boy woke up at the crack of dawn to do none other than--you guessed it, Hunt.  Beauty rest was calling my name; and I spent my Saturday morning catching up on z's.  After a lazy afternoon spent on the couch with my man and his parents.  We went hunting; again.  You could say he's a little obsessed.  But he really does so much for me it's unbelievable; so I hiked my booty up that tree stand once again.  However, this time I actually got to see a deer; a cow horn I'm told.  It was awesome.  I watched it through the binoculars for what Thomas swears was 30 minutes.  I was fascinated.  Lucky for him, my booty would glady follow him up another tree stand to see another deer--just not before Rock-A-Doodle has sung and the sun has rose.  If you do not understand my movie reference; then that's a shame and you make me feel old! :(  We spent the night hanging out with his family; watching the Florida game (Thomas' other love: the Gators) and spending time with his niece and nephew.

Sunday | Thomas went hunting again.  This post is begining record--welcome to a day in the life of Dating a Country Boy.  Brought to you daily by yours truly.  Lunch on Sundays at Thomas' house is something I definietley look forward too.  Unfortunately I was not raised with southern food at my dinner table.  I love eating with his family.  They have the most amazing food.  And his niece and nephew are super adorable.  We spent the afternoon with target practice; and I wasn't too shabby.  Making my country boy proud.  Then with a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a bagel in the other we made the trek back to school.  I have to keep reminding myself--just make it to December 20th.  That's the magical date.

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Have a great week y'all.  

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