Eat Drink & Be Mary: Weekend Shenanigans.


Weekend Shenanigans.

Monday? Already? How is that even possible!  Every week I am amazed at how fast the weekend passes us by.  The weekend was no exception.

This past week I thought Friday would never come; which is pretty sad considering it was a three-day week.  Nonetheless, I have never been happier for Friday at 3pm.  The night was spent relieving stress with a good ole fashioned girls night. 

8:30am Saturday morning came to early as always and for four hours I sat behind a desk trying to stay awake.  Horrible.  To reward myself for making it through another Saturday class I took a trip to the mall.  

"Mall Chinese" is the best.

Retail Therapy at its finest.  Told ya, longgg week.  And a trip to the mall with the best friend surely did the trick. New boots and jeans were among the purchases. 

Saturday night was spent with the girls again.  Just sitting around talking.  Girl talk.  You get the picture.  I am truly blessed to have found such a dynamic group of girls; and to have gotten even closer to them recently.  It’s going to make graduating in December that much harder. 

I am ga-ga over my new boots from Body Central.

After having a craving for cream cheese wontons the night before.  We saw it fitting to have a lunch date at Osakas.  Cream Cheese Wontons and Fried Rice.  Heavenly.  After our outing, I vegged out on the couch all day.  I’m talking straight couch potato from mid-afternoon until I hit the hay.  To say I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy would be an understatement--watching  all of the episodes for the second time.  Obsessed. 

Sami's Shenanigans

There ya have it folks, another weekend down in the books and unforgettable memories made.  Happy Monday ya’ll!

PS.  This was my first official time to participate in a link-up party.  My blog is taking baby steps. #babyblog 

PSS. I seeminly use the word "obsessed" incredibly too too much! Hmmmm. Oh well.

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