Eat Drink & Be Mary: Weekend Recap: Part TWO


Weekend Recap: Part TWO

weekend part II 

Sunday |  Church did not start until 11:15 on Sunday, but my internal alarm clock decided that since I wake up every other dern day of the week at the crack of dawn that sleeping til 9am was enough sleep.  Unbelievable!  Sunday morning we went to church, and what a breath of fresh air and relief.  Going to church was exactly what I needed after the week I had.  Recently, I haven't made the time to go to church (often times due to clogging, however there have been open Sundays) and looking back I deeply regret this.  Dear future me, this is not something to put off; you must make time to go to church and spend time with the Lord.  After church we went of to my Grandparents.  Grandmama and Bubby.  Many Sundays we will get the whole family together and eat at their house.  I love it.  Everyone at one table.  Stuffing our faces.  Numerous conversations going on at once.  What's not to love?  

Monday | "I thank God for my life, For the ones who've died so we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love like our chicken fried..."  Or shopping in my case.  There were some pretty good deals this veteran's day and I took advantage for sure.  
We spent Veteran's day with some shopping, a lunch date with my mom and boyfriend, taught Thomas to drive my stick shift, spaghetti dinner cooked by my daddy, and a little food network before Thomas and I had to hit to road and head back to Mars Hill.

That's it folks.
A 3-day weekend well spent, surround by family and friends.
Happy Hump Day!!

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