Eat Drink & Be Mary: Weekend Recap: Part One


Weekend Recap: Part One

Well, unfortunately I did not get around to posting my weekend recap yesterday.  Mainly because it was still the weekend for me.  Thank you Veteran's Day!  Many of the men in my life have dedicated their lives to serving our country.  And I could not be thankful for the sacrifice they have given in order for us to be free, sip our sweet tea, and spend our weekends watching football care free.  It's the little things in life we often take for granted and forget that there are men and women fighting for our freedom putting their lives on the line everyday.  God Bless these men and women. 
Home of the Free because of the Brave!

My Hero.  My Marine.  My Brother. 2009

As I was saying, my weekend lasted well into Monday and I was not hating it.  So I apologize (but do I really?) for just now getting my weekend recap up.  But the extra day off was much needed and definitely appreciated.  My weekend was soo full of many adventures and outings that I have decided to break my recap into 2 parts.  So I now bring you my Weekend Recap: Part One...

Friday | After a stressful week, worrying about what to do after graduation, where I'm gonna live, applying for jobs, stressing, worrying some more, etc. my sweet, sweet boyfriend took me out to dinner.  Mexican food always cures a case of the over thinking.  

Saturday | Yet another 8:30am class.  Waking up early during the week is one thing, but waking up every Saturday morning got read old, real fast.  On the bright side I made a 97 on my test, and realized my cup and notebook matched.  Lord knows I love chevron and pink.  After class, Thomas and I headed straight home for a weekend of relaxing and quality time with my family.  They may drive me crazy but I love and miss them like crazy here at school.  Especially, when I spend all my time worrying about having to make big girl decisions.   Things accomplished when home on a Saturday night: mini photo shoot props to my very very patient boyfriend | more Mexican with my parents | Despicable Me 2 | graduation announcements finished and ready to send | and of course a trip to the local Walmart.  I consider that a Saturday well spent!

And that's it folks.  Part 1 of my 4 day weekend; jam packed with family, food, and most importantly no stressing!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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