Eat Drink & Be Mary: My little geniuses.


My little geniuses.

I've said before, and I'll say it again,  "kids say the darndest things."

I absolutely loving working with kids; teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs.  Their sweet and quirky personalities and their comical statements throughout the day easily equal out weigh--stressing constantly, my empty bank account, and waking up at 6am.  Well, that last one's debatable, as I've said before, I am not a morning person and waking up in the morning is a daily struggle.  ;)  But all jokes aside, spending everyday with these kiddos is worth every grueling day in a classroom, stuck at a desk, taking tests, writing papers, etc.

Here's a little preview of my little kiddos holiday festiveness; Adorable.  Hilarious.  Off the wall.

When asked what I should be for Halloween: 
*In italics are my hilarious comments on products from none 
other than the future geniuses of our country
A Fairy because she is nice and magical.  Ah Yes, magical powers.  That's exactly what my secret is.
Scream because I have black hair The creative juices were clearly flowing for this dude.
A Vampire Bride because she is a girl, that is the reason I chose a vampire bride. Because he said so, and I'm a girl..duh! (Mean Girls reference anyone?--Come on!)
A big cupcake because she is sweet and loveable and a great teacher.
A Scary Witchy Teacher because she is a teacher--and all teachers are scary and witches, nice choice of words their little dude.
*Can you tell who's a little booger in class? ;)
One jack-o-latern kinda says "I'm hot like chocolate"....yes because pumpkins and chocolate are known for their hot temperatures
When asked what are you thankful for:
I feel beyond blessed to be working with kids that are thankful for such mature things:
1. Jesus/God, Jesus dying on the cross, church
2. Family; not to mention one student in particular whose family happens to be perfect--kuddos to you kid.
3. Life
4. A House

Now if only I could get inside their little brains and figure out 
how they think of these off the wall things.

"I think Miss..should be a...." worksheet can be found here @ I Want to be a Super Teacher.

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