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Let Go & Let God

let god

Too often I get overwhelmed with the future and what it brings to my table.  I easily get stressed and anxious about decisions that need to made--big girl decisions--that I don't feel little ole me is prepare to make.  As graduation nears I have found my self worried, stressed and overwhelmed constantly more times than not.

 However, I was reminded in church yesterday that God knows best.  It's that simple.  He will bring to me only what I can handle.  He has plans for me, for my future, and not to harm me.  This reminder was more than needed and desperately welcome.  A little reminder to keep in mind that the Lord has plans for my future, and it all works out.  This week I plan to focus my prayers not for the things I want, but that His will be done.  Prayers that I will be okay with His plans for me, and not be upset if what I am hoping for is not in His plans for me.

So there you have it folks, let go and let God...He's got this! 

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