Eat Drink & Be Mary: Lego Heaven.


Lego Heaven.

Digging in the dirt, tree scavenger hunts, and legos EVERYWHERE...I was in heaven.  Oh, and the kids loved it too.  ;)  I mean, what more could a third grader ask for?  Not much, if you couldn't guess.

Yesterday we took a field trip to the NC Arboretum and the kids loved it!  They got to dig in the dirt and examine soil--earth worms and rolly pollies included.  But my personal favorite--they had these huge lego statues made from tons thousands of mini legos, insane!!  Even though the day was super chilly, overall it was a blast!! 

Rose-Over 41,000 legos!

Acorn-Over 15,000 legos

Fan favorite of the day--crawling through a rotted out tree trunk.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

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