Eat Drink & Be Mary: Five on Friday.


Five on Friday.

Ahhh it's finally Friday once again.  I feel like I live for Fridays--except lately I have had every day "off".  Now that my student teaching assignment is over I spend my time aimlessly and carelessly.  I do still have my Saturday & Monday night classes--but I refuse to think about those on this wonderful Friday.  Because today starts another road tripped filled weekend.  As I mentioned last week Thomas and I will being spending our weekend celebrating my best friend's 23rd birthday in Charlotte.  Excited does not come close to describing my feelings and anticipation for tomorrow at 1pm. 

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Five on Friday edition.  

ONE--I am currently in a love/hate relationship with my tanning bed package.  If I do not tan all winter I look as if I'm related to Casper the Ghost--this isn't the problem this winter though.  I got an amazing deal at the tanning bed this fall/winter.  Here's where my emotional roller coaster feelings come into play.  I love the deal & want to get my money's worth of the plan I bought (unlimited until 12/31).  Buttttt,  I do NOT want to look like a Dorito in the middle of winter.  I find it very unattractive when girls look similar to an oompa loompa; and I have had my share in looking that way & don't fancy trying it out again.  Oompa Loompa doesn't look good on me; it's not my color! HELP!!

TWO--Knitting.  I love it.  Grandma status over here.  I had to learn how to knit for one of my elementary education classes--still not quite sure how it lines up with the Common Core but whatever.   Anyways, I've picked it back up recently.  I am on a mission to knit some Christmas presents for friends & family--aka: how I'm disguising my obsession for knitting.  I think my boyfriend has already caught on though.  Oh well.

THREE-- I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is the chocolate lover of all chocolate gurus.  Earlier this month I made M&M Blondies.  They were a success; but did not look quite as tasty as times I have made this in the past.  But thankfully, they are still a fan favorite & my boyfriend requested them again this week. 

I took this chance to try a little bit different recipe, used the boring regular M&M package, & I'm actually going to use the correct pan this time.  *face palm*  Last time, I used a glass pan because it was the smallest pan we had.  I knew better than to use this pan; but the boyfriend was expecting blondies and I was going to deliver.  Just a little darker blondies than usual.  Oops.

FOUR--If you haven't seen The Internship yet; go ahead and do yourself a favor and rent it.  It is hilarious; like rolling around on the floor funny.  But don't take my word for it--see for yourself.  Go ahead.  Get your booty off your couch.  Hop into your car.  And drive to the nearest red box.  Rent a movie for free (aka: The Internship) using this code: NW2PCLP3 (expires Dec. 3).

FIVE--I did it people.  They said I couldn't do it.  But I did.  Okay, so nobody actually said I couldn't do it because they didn't know I was determined to start this week.  BUT--I did it.  I worked out for five days in a row.  I actually enjoy working out; seriously.  Odd I know.  But if I can get my lazy booty into the gym then I am good to go & I feel amazing afterwards.  It's just making myself walk the 1/2 mile to our fitness center that gets me every time; told ya--lazy.  Thomas and I made a pact regarding working out.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out...  haha

SIX-- 1. I know its "FIVE on Friday" but I just wanted to sneak this one in there.  2. I feel that is completely necessary to restate the fact that my best friends turned 23 on Wednesday (goodness we're getting old).  And I get to see her tomorrow to celebrate!!!  Man, I've missed this girl!


Enjoy your weekend my loves. TGIF.


  1. I stopped reading at number five because those are the rules! lol J/k I'm glad you get to see your bffs and btw 23 is not old at all! I loved the internship mainly because I have a huge crush on Dylan Obrian (the phone guy in the movie or Stiles from Teen Wolf) He's my man crush everyday.

  2. Glad to hear someone else is kicking up into high gear too. Keep me updated on your fitness updates!


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