Eat Drink & Be Mary: Dear Santa, Mom & Dad, Boyfriend, etc.


Dear Santa, Mom & Dad, Boyfriend, etc.

Thanksgiving may be a little more than a week away, but Christmas cheer has completely taken over my thoughts day and night. I LOVE Christmas, and for some reason this year I am over the top excited for all of the hustle and bustle the holidays brings into our everyday lives.  Soooo when I saw Cheers Y'all's Christmas themed link-up party, I had to park take in all the festiveness; I couldn't resist.  Plus it's a one stop shop for my parents and boyfriend where they can get some grand ideas without me having to list off my wish list awkwardly--it's a win/win.

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, 
these are a few of my favorite things: 
2013 Christmas Wish List edition 

ONE || Baseball Tees--I am slightly obsessed with these beyond adorable shirts.  They are super comfy and look just as cute.  And what's better than a cute&comfy way to stay festive through the holidays and support your boyfriend's true love--baseball.  Add some sparkle and I'm sold!

TWO || Any and all of these close are more than welcome to show up in my closet any day now. It's no secret that oversized sweaters, scarfs, cardigans are constantly calling my name.  But I would just die if these other pieces joined my closet as well.  I have been wanting that hoodie for ages--not sure how to describe it other than it's kinda hooded in the front as well.  AND that last dress would be perfect for a NYE party/date.

THREE || If it doesn't move monogram it--am I right?  However, I only live by this theory in my fantasy land.  My bank account doesn't not agree with getting all of my belongings unfortunately.  I do have a couple things monogrammed & love it.  Anything monogrammed is a-okay for Santa to stuff into my stocking this Christmas--pull over, shower curtain, jewelry of any kind, phone case, you name it I'll love it.  Anddd I am in need of a new phone case.  Hint hint to my readers that brought me into this life ;)

So there you have it folks (aka: mom and dad) my Christmas wish list all conveniently located in one place.

But on a real note, we so often take for granted the things that we have in our day to day life that are above and beyond the means for survival.  Today I attended a Crossroads Chapel sermon at my school on poverty.  We all know that there are tons of families affected in our world by poverty, who are concerned about where their food will come from for dinner, much less their Christmas wish list.  But so often we forget about those in need and get caught up in the joys of Christmas and getting lots of gifts.  So much so that we forget that this is the season of giving.  So I encourage all of you to take some time and figure out a way you can help a family in need this Christmas.  I am on a mission to figure out a way that I feel called to help a family and serve our Lord; stay tuned...


  1. Love the monogram pullover! I'll be adding that to my Christmas list!

  2. you are hilarious and so lovely! love your heart to give! and love your hilarious humor. monograms and baseball tees are calling my name this chrismtas too, pretty lady!

    thanks for linking up with us today! we so appreicate it!! yay! THANK YOU! xx

  3. ohh man that dress with the bow needs to belong to me as well as that bracelet stack!!

  4. My sister loves baseball tees too! These are some great options to keep in mind for her.


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