Eat Drink & Be Mary: November 2013


Five on Friday.

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One.  I won my first giveaway ever!!  How exciting is that??  Through Instagram I won this fabulous giveaway--hey it's free, what's not to love?!

Two. Black Friday Thursday.  How ridiculous is it that every year they seem to be moving the times earlier and earlier.  Not cool, businesses.  Not cool.  This year I am going with my mom, aunt, and cousin.  Updates on our adventures soon!

Three.  One reason I love Thanksgiving?  An excellent excuse to bake.  For example, these Oreo Balls & Reese Cheesecake Bites.  Recipes will be on the blog for a Taste of Tuesday with Jessica and Ashley.

Four.  Today's is my daddy's 50th birthday.  My dad has never been a man of many words.  But he and my mom raised us to have a good head on our shoulders, to love God and one another.  I love my dad and am blessed to be his only girl.

Five.  This video of my sweet little man.  Be still my heart.


These are a few of my favorite things: Stocking Stuffers

In my family Santa still brings my brothers and I all stockings stuffed.  Stuffed.  And yes I do still believe in Santa; or maybe it's just more of the magic that Santa Claus and Christmas can bring into a child's life.  I love it.  But if questioned I will state my belief in good Ole St. Nick just in case he's listening. ;) So of course I jumped at the chance at linking up again with Elise and Jen; and adding another chance for all my loved ones and readers to get some great ideas for stocking stuffers.

These are a few of my favorite things: Stocking Stuffers

For a College Girl:

One|| You can never go wrong with any form of money.  Gas cards.  Gift cards.  iTunes cards.  Even cold hard cash is always excepted and loved.  

TWO|| Monogrammed Croakies--only 15 bucks @ CherryTreeLaneDesign on Etsy.

THREE|| Jewelry of any kind--specifically these baseball earrings.  Or if your sweetheart has a pandora bracelet; they have so many charms for every occasion.  

FOUR|| Glitter iPhone skin--I'm in love.  Found here @ HVDecal on Etsy.

FIVE|| Boot Socks.  Tribal print or with a cute little bow these socks can spice up any outfit.  Love.

SIX||  Leggings.  I have been wanting fleece lined leggings for a while--gotta keep my booty warm on these cold wintery days but don't wanna leave the comfort of my beloved leggings.  Solution:  Fleece Lined Leggings.  Can be found at a Rue21 near you or here.  I am also loving these aztec leggings; but I don't think I'd ever have the confidence to wear them.  

SEVEN|| I don't care what anyone says! you can never have too many nail polish colors.  A girl needs options for crying out loud.  These colors are perfect for the holiday season.

EIGHT|| fuzzy socks.  Keep your little piggies warm in a pair of Christmasy socks or supporting your man's team (Go Gators!). And yes, I am that girl that simply roots for the team my other half loves JUST because he does.  Why not he's happier when they win.  Common sense here people.

For the Littles:
My cousin has three of the most adorable kids on the planet.  Not biased or anything.  And I'm struggling this year to decide what I should get the two youngest--2 year old and 5 month old boys.  Here are a couple ideas I've come up with but I'm mainly hoping this link up will give me some great ideas!

ONE // Christmas Pajamas.  Little ones always look adorable in there festive pj's  running around everywhere.  

TWO // "Learner Cups" and in English that means the cups you use to transition from bottle to sippy cups so there tiny little fingers can get used to holding them.

THREE // Toy trucks.  Original I know.  But they love their trucks and I found a felt one for the baby.  It would come in handy considering the toddler loves throwing.  Can you say terrible twos angel?  

FOUR // I think it's uber important for the little tots to be exposed to books right away.  I'm talking fresh out the oven.  God Loves Me More Than That.  The Last Christmas Cookie.  The Christmas Wish.  Fancy Nancy.  Christmas in the Manger.  God Gave us Christmas.  The list could go on and on...  

For the man in your life:
If your husband/fiancĂ©/boyfriend/dad/brother is anything like my other half then when asked the question "What do you want for Christmas this year?"  He probably responds with a shrug and mumbles "I don't know."  Gee thanks dude!  Glad I asked--I now know exactly what to get you.  Ugh, the struggle.  Here are a few ideas to help with your struggle of what to get for the men in your life.

ONE -- A camouflage koozie.  Something to keep any beverage cold in a manly fashion.  And other than I just paired the words manly and fashion in the sentence--what guy wouldn't want this.

TWO -- Toboggan.  Keeps his shaved head warm.  And he can support his favorite team while doing so.  Under Armour and Nike are huge hits for my man and I'm sure most guys would agree that's the way to go.  Plus, they can be easily rolled up and stuffed into your man's stocking.

THREE -- Chapstick.  Thomas refuses to buy Chapstick.  But he will put my Chapstick on.  (I may or may not regret putting that on here later.)  Why I'll never understand.  His lips get chapped just like yours and mine.  So do him the favor and buy him his own--just make sure it's not Very Berry Cherry with sparkles.

FOUR -- Gift Cards.  Enough said.  Academy just happens to be his most recent favorite store.  And he can pick out whatever he's been dying to own but for some reason didn't tell you when you asked. I repeat: UGH.

FIVE -- Headphones & Watches.  I and love that they are available in the two things I do know Thomas likes: Camouflage and the Gators. He on the other hand probably will not be as excited as me.  Oh well...

SIX -- Wallet.  Give him something to hold all that Christmas money.  Plus its something he would use every day--getting your money's worth is always a-okay in my book.  

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


My Weekend in Pictures

Now that our weekends are finally freed up Thomas and I are taking full advantage.  We have been attempting  cramming as much as we can into every weekend.  This weekend was no exception!

As I've mentioned before I am done with student teaching.  Now I find myself with not to much to do during the week other than sit on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy.  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining--it just means that today I am considering Thursday part of my weekend as well.  So without further ado...

Thursday--Girls day.  Myself, Heather & AnnMarie spent our day getting some early Christmas shopping done.  I came up with some pretty good Christmas and birthday gifts for some of my closest friends already and was so excited I couldn't help but start my shopping a little early this year.  We spent the day shopping til our feet hurt and eating the most amazing Chinese food from the food court.  I swear by any Chinese spot set up in a food court--it just taste better.  No ifs about it.
Thursday night was spent catching up with friends that I have not hung out with since the first couple weeks of school.  I have no excuse for not seeing these friends of mine--the school's campus is no bigger than 2 miles long.  But either way I was glad to see and catch up with some good friends before graduation (less than one month away!!!!).  Unfortunately, most of said friends are not pictured above.

Friday--My day consisted of my booty on the couch & some form of food in my hand.  Much needed relaxation and alone time.  I also updated the littler corner of my desk for Thanksgiving.  Loving this little raccoon | glittery pumpkin | and T is for Thankful printable.  I did; however, make it to the gym to complete my FIFTH day in a row going to the gym.  Woooo!

Saturday--Another Saturday morning, another 8:30am class.  To say this wake up time is getting old is an understatement.  After another grueling class, we headed to Charlotte.  Thomas behind the wheel.  Myself with my knitting project in hand.  I was loving it.  Arriving in Charlotte I was beyond thrilled to be reunited with my best friend and to celebrate her birthday.  Later that night we all went out to eat at Blackfinn with a couple of her law school friends and their boyfriends.  Quadruple date--whoa.  The food was scrumptious and I had leftovers for the next day.  #winning  After dinner we saw a GINORMOUS tree and of course we haddd to take pictures by it.

Carolyn and her boyfriend got the cutest new little puppy, Thor, and I was in love.  He is sooo cute--that is until he gets bigger.  I just can't do big dogs--they intimidate me; I just can't.  But for now the little fellow had my heart & I get the impression that he was pretty fond of me too--pouncing on my leg & humping every time I appeared to let my guard down.

Sunday--Care and I went for a coffee run to Dunkin Donuts, while her boyfriend cooked us up a gourmet breakfast fit for a queen, and deep down we all know I am.  We spent the rest of the morning just catching out and playing with their little furbaby some more.

Later we grabbed lunch with one of my college roommates, Deanna.  I have mentioned her before.  We lived together several years during college.  We clogged together.  We're in the same sorority.  To say the least, she is one of the best friends I have.  SO, needless to say I was elated to finally meet up with her and her other half now that she has graduated.  We met at Dilworth's Neighborhood Grille, also in Charlotte, for lunch.  For three hours, we did nothing but catch up, reminisce, laugh--not a dull moment.  I said it before, and I'll say it again.  The girl is a hoot.  Hilarious.  Seriously, she can make anyone laugh!

It's weekends like these that remind me how blessed I am to have a handle full of truly great friends.  Friends that I know will always be there for me.  
Thank God for girls I call my best friends.

Sami's Shenanigans

And that's a wrap folks.  
Another weekend in the books.
I am now looking forward to a week at home with family, 
lots and lots of food, and Black Friday shopping!  


Be Fit, Be Happy

Need to drink A LOT of water. Best if it is room temp.  Drink it frequently, a little at a time during cramping.

Confession: I actually really enjoy working out.  Call me crazy but I do.  If I can get my lazy booty to the gym; I enjoy it sooo much.  The adrenaline is addicting.  

Be Fit, Be Happy.

Working Out. A blog post about working out.  Where do I even start?  I am not a work out expert by any means.  Not even close.  I'm an amateur on this subject.  But I figured I could share some tricks tips to make the workout process more enjoyable & some things that work for me in regards to shedding off that unwanted weight.  And who doesn't wanna know any tips for losing weight?  I am all for finding out new tricks and advice that'll help me look good for bikini season.  Yes, 7 months in advance.

Tricks & Tips:

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal.   

2. Get a workout trainer buddy.  It's always more fun better to go workout when you have a friend with you.  Plus they'll motivate you to get your booty off the couch and into the gym.

3. Do work outs that you enjoy.  It's simple really.  Think about it.  If you dread going to the gym every day then chances are you won't go.  But for me, when I know I enjoy the specific workouts I'm doing that day I get much more motivated to go.

Be Fit, Be Happy--Weight Loss Tips 

4. Create a Pinterest board for motivation.  Workout ideas.  Healthy recipes.  Motivational sayings.  And then follow other Pinners for motivation.  
*The catch with this one is to acutally use the things you pin--gets me everytime.  

5. Drink water like it's going outta style.  Just do it.

6. Download fun apps to keep you motivated.  Apps make the workout process exciting and interesting--at least for me.
My personal favorite apps: MyFitnessPal | Hydrate | Runtastic

7. Remember that unfortunately you do not lose 10 pounds as soon as you step foot on a treadmill.  It takes time.  I get that this tip is common sense, but I added for myself.  To remind myself that it takes time and to be patient.  And on that note--don't obsess over the number on the scale.  There's more to you than a number.  

To keep myself accountable and continue on this journey I am taking Sarah's advice and coming up with some sort of reward system for myself.  And that my loves is to be continued...

What tips do you have for me?  What workouts work the best for you?  What insight can you share wth me?  I'm all ears!!

"Motivation is what gets you started.  
Habit is what keeps you going." -Jim Ryun

*All words on this post spoken about working out/weight loss/nutrition were my own thoughts not an expert's opinions.  


Five on Friday.

Ahhh it's finally Friday once again.  I feel like I live for Fridays--except lately I have had every day "off".  Now that my student teaching assignment is over I spend my time aimlessly and carelessly.  I do still have my Saturday & Monday night classes--but I refuse to think about those on this wonderful Friday.  Because today starts another road tripped filled weekend.  As I mentioned last week Thomas and I will being spending our weekend celebrating my best friend's 23rd birthday in Charlotte.  Excited does not come close to describing my feelings and anticipation for tomorrow at 1pm. 

This Friday I am linking up once again 
with DarciAprilChristina, & Natasha.  
Five on Friday edition.  

ONE--I am currently in a love/hate relationship with my tanning bed package.  If I do not tan all winter I look as if I'm related to Casper the Ghost--this isn't the problem this winter though.  I got an amazing deal at the tanning bed this fall/winter.  Here's where my emotional roller coaster feelings come into play.  I love the deal & want to get my money's worth of the plan I bought (unlimited until 12/31).  Buttttt,  I do NOT want to look like a Dorito in the middle of winter.  I find it very unattractive when girls look similar to an oompa loompa; and I have had my share in looking that way & don't fancy trying it out again.  Oompa Loompa doesn't look good on me; it's not my color! HELP!!

TWO--Knitting.  I love it.  Grandma status over here.  I had to learn how to knit for one of my elementary education classes--still not quite sure how it lines up with the Common Core but whatever.   Anyways, I've picked it back up recently.  I am on a mission to knit some Christmas presents for friends & family--aka: how I'm disguising my obsession for knitting.  I think my boyfriend has already caught on though.  Oh well.

THREE-- I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is the chocolate lover of all chocolate gurus.  Earlier this month I made M&M Blondies.  They were a success; but did not look quite as tasty as times I have made this in the past.  But thankfully, they are still a fan favorite & my boyfriend requested them again this week. 

I took this chance to try a little bit different recipe, used the boring regular M&M package, & I'm actually going to use the correct pan this time.  *face palm*  Last time, I used a glass pan because it was the smallest pan we had.  I knew better than to use this pan; but the boyfriend was expecting blondies and I was going to deliver.  Just a little darker blondies than usual.  Oops.

FOUR--If you haven't seen The Internship yet; go ahead and do yourself a favor and rent it.  It is hilarious; like rolling around on the floor funny.  But don't take my word for it--see for yourself.  Go ahead.  Get your booty off your couch.  Hop into your car.  And drive to the nearest red box.  Rent a movie for free (aka: The Internship) using this code: NW2PCLP3 (expires Dec. 3).

FIVE--I did it people.  They said I couldn't do it.  But I did.  Okay, so nobody actually said I couldn't do it because they didn't know I was determined to start this week.  BUT--I did it.  I worked out for five days in a row.  I actually enjoy working out; seriously.  Odd I know.  But if I can get my lazy booty into the gym then I am good to go & I feel amazing afterwards.  It's just making myself walk the 1/2 mile to our fitness center that gets me every time; told ya--lazy.  Thomas and I made a pact regarding working out.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out...  haha

SIX-- 1. I know its "FIVE on Friday" but I just wanted to sneak this one in there.  2. I feel that is completely necessary to restate the fact that my best friends turned 23 on Wednesday (goodness we're getting old).  And I get to see her tomorrow to celebrate!!!  Man, I've missed this girl!


Enjoy your weekend my loves. TGIF.


A Baby Blog.

That's right I said it. I am a baby blogger. And I know it.  New to this world.  Trying to figure it all out.  Amazed by sooo many bloggers with their fun tricks they already know about the blogging world.  Captivating readers.  Connecting with them.  Being able to describe everything vividly.  So vividly you feel like you know them personally.  

I blog for future me.  Future little tots and husband.  So that I have these memories at the touch of a button.   May sound silly but it's important to me.  Although I may not being too much now, my life's about have its fair share of change.  Sooner than later.  There's graduation.  A big girl job.  Deciding where to live.  Who to live with...the list goes on and on.  But I'm not going to bore you and stress myself out listing all these new changes I have to make decisions about in the near near future.  And in the future it'll be nice to be able to look back and see how it all started.

BUT, I want so badly to have mastered this blogging thing like those other gals.  I constantly tell myself to not get down if it doesn't seem like my readers feel connected.  Have the urge to comment on one of my posts.   Or if I have readers at all.  It'll all come with time--maybe.  But I get it.  When I first started (a whopping 2 months ago) I never commented on the blogs I read.  Blogs that I've read religiously.  But it didn't occur to me that they cared if I commented on their post or not.  But let's be honest it's nice to know somebody read your post.  Liked your post.  Connected to your post.  Any and all of the above.  

Hopefully one day that'll happen; but until then I'll sit here with my Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin spice latte blogging my little heart out.  Trying my best to get my thoughts down on paper before these days become nothing but a distant memory.

  pumpkin spice latte!

ALL this to say  I am always open to advice, critique, and HELP!  I mentioned how I just recently started commenting on the blog posts I have loved, laughed at, or felt the blogger's pain while reading.  All to find out, that my account was set up as a "no reply blogger."  UGH who wants that?!  No one in my opinion.  Turns out that even though I've started commenting on your posts I am untraceable. Boo.  Not cool.  But then Renee from So Fill Your Heart came in to save the day.  And helped me fix this tragedy in my little world of blogging.  Thanks to Renee and Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars I bring to you this tutorial on How To:  no longer be a "no reply blogger."  Thank the Good Lord.  

And I'm incredibly sorry on how long this post turned out to be; that's what happens when your stuck in a car road tripping back to school from South Carolina and your boyfriend finally learned how to drive your stick shift car.  Hallelujah!!

Moral of the story?  Be happy I ran into Renee's blog thanks to her guest post on The Modern Tulip.  Be thankful I commented on her post.  Be extremely happy that this tutorial had been posted and  Renee knew how to direct me to it.


Oreo Upside-Down Mini Cheesecakes

this recipe has been updated!  go check out the new and improved Oreo Upside-Down Mini Cheesecakes here: RECIPE


Dear Santa, Mom & Dad, Boyfriend, etc.

Thanksgiving may be a little more than a week away, but Christmas cheer has completely taken over my thoughts day and night. I LOVE Christmas, and for some reason this year I am over the top excited for all of the hustle and bustle the holidays brings into our everyday lives.  Soooo when I saw Cheers Y'all's Christmas themed link-up party, I had to park take in all the festiveness; I couldn't resist.  Plus it's a one stop shop for my parents and boyfriend where they can get some grand ideas without me having to list off my wish list awkwardly--it's a win/win.

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, 
these are a few of my favorite things: 
2013 Christmas Wish List edition 

ONE || Baseball Tees--I am slightly obsessed with these beyond adorable shirts.  They are super comfy and look just as cute.  And what's better than a cute&comfy way to stay festive through the holidays and support your boyfriend's true love--baseball.  Add some sparkle and I'm sold!

TWO || Any and all of these close are more than welcome to show up in my closet any day now. It's no secret that oversized sweaters, scarfs, cardigans are constantly calling my name.  But I would just die if these other pieces joined my closet as well.  I have been wanting that hoodie for ages--not sure how to describe it other than it's kinda hooded in the front as well.  AND that last dress would be perfect for a NYE party/date.

THREE || If it doesn't move monogram it--am I right?  However, I only live by this theory in my fantasy land.  My bank account doesn't not agree with getting all of my belongings unfortunately.  I do have a couple things monogrammed & love it.  Anything monogrammed is a-okay for Santa to stuff into my stocking this Christmas--pull over, shower curtain, jewelry of any kind, phone case, you name it I'll love it.  Anddd I am in need of a new phone case.  Hint hint to my readers that brought me into this life ;)

So there you have it folks (aka: mom and dad) my Christmas wish list all conveniently located in one place.

But on a real note, we so often take for granted the things that we have in our day to day life that are above and beyond the means for survival.  Today I attended a Crossroads Chapel sermon at my school on poverty.  We all know that there are tons of families affected in our world by poverty, who are concerned about where their food will come from for dinner, much less their Christmas wish list.  But so often we forget about those in need and get caught up in the joys of Christmas and getting lots of gifts.  So much so that we forget that this is the season of giving.  So I encourage all of you to take some time and figure out a way you can help a family in need this Christmas.  I am on a mission to figure out a way that I feel called to help a family and serve our Lord; stay tuned...


You know you're dating a country boy when...

Country boys.  Who doesn't love them?  Not this girl.  I can't get enough of it.  
In the south the boys raised to be gentlemen, their accents are sweet and the sweet tea sweeter. They cook.  They hunt.  They can bait a hook and shoot any target  They drive trucks and wear boots.  
What's not to love?  I mean honestly!  
Let me know if you come up with something.

Well you know when you're dating a country boy when you go home with him for the weekend and you spend it hunting, taking target practice, and eating amazingly southern food.  Thank goodness for South Carolina boys and the families that raise them.

Now that my student teaching assignment is over I have found myself with a lot of free time, so much in fact that I don't know what to do with myself.  So this weekend my cute redhead of a boyfriend hopped in the car and took a road trip to his house in South Carolina.  

Friday | We took the 3 hour drive to South Carolina and as soon as we arrived at his house I was thrown a pile of camofluage clothes and rushed to put them on.  Gotta get in the woods...times a tickin'  Spending two hours in a tree stand is not quite my cup of tea; however, I figure if he can be my photographer half the time then I outta spend some quality time doing what he loves most.  Hunting.  

| My dear sweet country boy woke up at the crack of dawn to do none other than--you guessed it, Hunt.  Beauty rest was calling my name; and I spent my Saturday morning catching up on z's.  After a lazy afternoon spent on the couch with my man and his parents.  We went hunting; again.  You could say he's a little obsessed.  But he really does so much for me it's unbelievable; so I hiked my booty up that tree stand once again.  However, this time I actually got to see a deer; a cow horn I'm told.  It was awesome.  I watched it through the binoculars for what Thomas swears was 30 minutes.  I was fascinated.  Lucky for him, my booty would glady follow him up another tree stand to see another deer--just not before Rock-A-Doodle has sung and the sun has rose.  If you do not understand my movie reference; then that's a shame and you make me feel old! :(  We spent the night hanging out with his family; watching the Florida game (Thomas' other love: the Gators) and spending time with his niece and nephew.

Sunday | Thomas went hunting again.  This post is begining record--welcome to a day in the life of Dating a Country Boy.  Brought to you daily by yours truly.  Lunch on Sundays at Thomas' house is something I definietley look forward too.  Unfortunately I was not raised with southern food at my dinner table.  I love eating with his family.  They have the most amazing food.  And his niece and nephew are super adorable.  We spent the afternoon with target practice; and I wasn't too shabby.  Making my country boy proud.  Then with a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a bagel in the other we made the trek back to school.  I have to keep reminding myself--just make it to December 20th.  That's the magical date.

Sami's Shenanigans
Have a great week y'all.  


Fridays, Gingerbread & Camouflage.

Oh how I love Fridays!  Every weekend this month there has been something I've been looking forward too.  Last weekend Thomas and I went to my house.  This weekend we came to his house.  Next weekend we'll be Charlotte bound to see my best friend for her birthday.  And obviously thanksgiving will then be right around the corner--along with my dad's birthday.  And there you have it my November in 30 seconds.  But before I get too ahead of myself I should probably talk a little more about the here and now.  

ONE | It is beginning to look and taste a lot like Christmas around these parts.  Usually I only start listening to Chrisas music the day after Halloween.  I know, that's incredibly soon, but I love Christmas season soo much I want to be able to deck the halls and fa la la la la everywhere I go for more than just on month!  Sue me.  Good luck with that by the way, I am brokeee!  Anyways, this years roommate started decorating for Christmas yesterday!  Insane, but I LOVE it!

TWO | As mentioned before, it's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas around my parts too.  Once again thanks to my roommate; she bought me a gingerbread spice latte--to die for--to keep me awake for our (what's turning out to be) weekly roadtrip.  A heart of gold, this one.  And if you haven't gotten your hands onto one of these super yummy Christmasy--do it!! It'll send you jonesin' for night in your frosty the snowman pajamas, fuzzy socks and ELF on repeat.

THREE | This weekend Thomas and I roadtripped to house and I'm super excited to spend the weekend here with his family and potentially warmer weather.  God bless South Carolina weather!  

FOUR | I passed the praxis II.  Finishe y student teaching.  And completed my first interview.  Needless to say I am well on my way to becoming a big girl.  Watch out world--next stop graduation.

FIVE | I figure if my man can put up with my picture taking obsession infront of and behind the camera (he's been taking a lot of pictures I've been posting on here) then I could spend a little time he is more than obsessed with--hunting.  Literally the second we got to his house I was thrown a pile of camouflage and we were off.  After hours of squirming and attempting to not talk--unsuccessful there--we did not see an deer.  Bambi's great great great great grandchildren have survived another day.  
What are you excited for this weekend? 
 Is Christmas music already filling all the rooms in your house?  
TGIF y'all!


Just Call Me Miss Bolster

I have never considered myself a fashion guru.  But after beginning student teaching I have had to revamp my wardrobe.  Rocking yoga pants and leggings every day at work just wouldn't cut it.  Sad day. Here is a couple of my favorite new looks--appropriate to spend all day with the cutest little humans.

**Unfortunately these pictures were all taken with my older
 iPhone and do not have a good quality.  



*Disclaimer: Objects may appear larger in picture than in reality. ;)

Most of these looks were found on sale, and unfortunately I do not remember all of the stores where each and every clothing article came from.  I do know that they were most likely purchased from Target, Belks, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Charlotte Russe or Body Central.  Maybe, in the past I will get better at this--Mmmm don't hold your breath, I don't see this happening in the near future.


Weekend Recap: Part TWO

weekend part II 

Sunday |  Church did not start until 11:15 on Sunday, but my internal alarm clock decided that since I wake up every other dern day of the week at the crack of dawn that sleeping til 9am was enough sleep.  Unbelievable!  Sunday morning we went to church, and what a breath of fresh air and relief.  Going to church was exactly what I needed after the week I had.  Recently, I haven't made the time to go to church (often times due to clogging, however there have been open Sundays) and looking back I deeply regret this.  Dear future me, this is not something to put off; you must make time to go to church and spend time with the Lord.  After church we went of to my Grandparents.  Grandmama and Bubby.  Many Sundays we will get the whole family together and eat at their house.  I love it.  Everyone at one table.  Stuffing our faces.  Numerous conversations going on at once.  What's not to love?  

Monday | "I thank God for my life, For the ones who've died so we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love like our chicken fried..."  Or shopping in my case.  There were some pretty good deals this veteran's day and I took advantage for sure.  
We spent Veteran's day with some shopping, a lunch date with my mom and boyfriend, taught Thomas to drive my stick shift, spaghetti dinner cooked by my daddy, and a little food network before Thomas and I had to hit to road and head back to Mars Hill.

That's it folks.
A 3-day weekend well spent, surround by family and friends.
Happy Hump Day!!


Weekend Recap: Part One

Well, unfortunately I did not get around to posting my weekend recap yesterday.  Mainly because it was still the weekend for me.  Thank you Veteran's Day!  Many of the men in my life have dedicated their lives to serving our country.  And I could not be thankful for the sacrifice they have given in order for us to be free, sip our sweet tea, and spend our weekends watching football care free.  It's the little things in life we often take for granted and forget that there are men and women fighting for our freedom putting their lives on the line everyday.  God Bless these men and women. 
Home of the Free because of the Brave!

My Hero.  My Marine.  My Brother. 2009

As I was saying, my weekend lasted well into Monday and I was not hating it.  So I apologize (but do I really?) for just now getting my weekend recap up.  But the extra day off was much needed and definitely appreciated.  My weekend was soo full of many adventures and outings that I have decided to break my recap into 2 parts.  So I now bring you my Weekend Recap: Part One...

Friday | After a stressful week, worrying about what to do after graduation, where I'm gonna live, applying for jobs, stressing, worrying some more, etc. my sweet, sweet boyfriend took me out to dinner.  Mexican food always cures a case of the over thinking.  

Saturday | Yet another 8:30am class.  Waking up early during the week is one thing, but waking up every Saturday morning got read old, real fast.  On the bright side I made a 97 on my test, and realized my cup and notebook matched.  Lord knows I love chevron and pink.  After class, Thomas and I headed straight home for a weekend of relaxing and quality time with my family.  They may drive me crazy but I love and miss them like crazy here at school.  Especially, when I spend all my time worrying about having to make big girl decisions.   Things accomplished when home on a Saturday night: mini photo shoot props to my very very patient boyfriend | more Mexican with my parents | Despicable Me 2 | graduation announcements finished and ready to send | and of course a trip to the local Walmart.  I consider that a Saturday well spent!

And that's it folks.  Part 1 of my 4 day weekend; jam packed with family, food, and most importantly no stressing!  Enjoy the rest of your week!


Let Go & Let God

let god

Too often I get overwhelmed with the future and what it brings to my table.  I easily get stressed and anxious about decisions that need to made--big girl decisions--that I don't feel little ole me is prepare to make.  As graduation nears I have found my self worried, stressed and overwhelmed constantly more times than not.

 However, I was reminded in church yesterday that God knows best.  It's that simple.  He will bring to me only what I can handle.  He has plans for me, for my future, and not to harm me.  This reminder was more than needed and desperately welcome.  A little reminder to keep in mind that the Lord has plans for my future, and it all works out.  This week I plan to focus my prayers not for the things I want, but that His will be done.  Prayers that I will be okay with His plans for me, and not be upset if what I am hoping for is not in His plans for me.

So there you have it folks, let go and let God...He's got this! 


Lego Heaven.

Digging in the dirt, tree scavenger hunts, and legos EVERYWHERE...I was in heaven.  Oh, and the kids loved it too.  ;)  I mean, what more could a third grader ask for?  Not much, if you couldn't guess.

Yesterday we took a field trip to the NC Arboretum and the kids loved it!  They got to dig in the dirt and examine soil--earth worms and rolly pollies included.  But my personal favorite--they had these huge lego statues made from tons thousands of mini legos, insane!!  Even though the day was super chilly, overall it was a blast!! 

Rose-Over 41,000 legos!

Acorn-Over 15,000 legos

Fan favorite of the day--crawling through a rotted out tree trunk.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


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