Eat Drink & Be Mary: My Weekend in Pictures.


My Weekend in Pictures.

The Internet in my apartment is currently not working.  Remind me why I pay an arm and a leg to go to this school again. Ugh.  Anyways, I'm going to attempt to do this post from my phone.  So bare with me; I'm horrible when it comes to typing on this dern thing. Typos.  Random words in the middle of sentences.  the whole sha-bang.  Here goes nothing...

One. Friday we left for our national competition.  The team stayed in a house that was on Lake Junaluska.  It was a little older than I expected..but it had tons of bathrooms.  And what more could you ask for with 20+ girls that have to do their hair and makeup for competition.

Two. All day Saturday was spent clogging.  For some reason it's always super cold at Maggie Valley and the air is extra hard to breathe.  Which is quite unfortunate when you come off stage outta breath after each dance.  Pictured: our country hoedown costumes--reminds me of an ice cream shoppe worker.  (More about my last Maggie Valley with BMC at a later date.)

Three.  I am beyond blessed I have a man that is willing to spend his weekend watching hours and hours of non-stop clogging.  He supports me and hardly complained the whole weekend.  Any man that can stand a clogging competition for two straight days is a keeper, that's for sure.  

Four.  I was nominated and accepted onto the 2013 All-American Team. Lucky.  Blessed.  Speechless.  You name it, I feel it.

Five. One of my beautiful mentees and teammates on BMC.  I have been fortunate to dance with her since we were seven.  It is crazy to think that our time on stage together is coming to an end.  Even though she is younger than me, she pushes me to become a better dancer and I am very thankful for her presence in my dance career.

Six.  Today was a teacher work day; aka: a much needed day of recovering.  Today has felt like a Sunday, therefore, I'm considering it part of my weekend.  The day was spent with my booty on the couch, Hocus Pocus on the tv and my man by my side.  Perfection.

Have a wonderful week my loves!  
❤, M

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