Eat Drink & Be Mary: My Weekend in Pictures


My Weekend in Pictures

And just like that another weekend has flown by and slipped through my fingers.  I cannot believe that tomorrow is Monday; and it's another week of teaching my adorable little students, clogging my booty off in preparation for nationals, and trying not to go insane.

This weekend was filled with over sized sweatshirts, leggings, lots of lounging around my apartment, and shopping--lots and lots of shopping.

Putting on a little lipstick and wearing something other than my "teacher" clothes or yoga pants felt nice--along with seeing friends I feel like I never see during my crazy, chaotic week.

Saturday was spent in an over sized sweatshirt, leggings and leg warmers--also known as perfection.  This weekend, Monday and Tuesday is our Fall Break; however, being a student teacher I do not get Monday and Tuesday off.  However, it was so sooo nice to not have anywhere that I had to be.
After recooperating from the long week and Friday night, we took a trip to Madison High School to watch some of Heather's students play in their youth league football game.  The rest of our afternoon was spent shopping 'til we dropped.  It was a wonderful girl's day--full of breaking the bank and girl talk.  And I do mean breaking the bank, my wallet's hurting after this weekend.

Saturday night was filled with more Fall Break shenanigans and friends that I barely ever see.  It was a much needed stress reliever--dance parties included.

Sunday morning--well, I had every intentions on making it to church today, that is until I woke up today at noon realizing I had not set an alarm.  Oops!  I definitely feel bad about that one--the importance of going to church has been taught to me since I was very young.  Going to church increases your relationship with God and can only further you in your walk with Him.  So, I will be working on that in the future.  On a brighter note, it felt amazing to be able to sleep in past 7am this morning.  After, getting my beauty rest my soul died a little inside when my roommate requested we eat breakfast in our school's cafeteria.  I seriously think it has the worst food--but I sucked it up (I mean it was free food) and filled my plate with tater tots.  

If only I would've purchased these adorable boots!  
I just might have to go back and get them next weekend.
After filling my stomach with food that would only destroy it hours later, Heather, AnnMarie (another clogger) and I headed back to Asheville to do some more damage on our bank accounts.  Once, in Asheville we made a second trip to the mall and Target.  But the shopping didn't end there; once we got back to our apartment I ordered the cutest, monogrammed, clutch purse.  I had been debating whether or not to buy this purse for quite some time, and after all the other shopping excitement this weekend I couldn't help but go ahead and order this purse also.  The bad thing about online shopping is you don't get to have your purchase right away-delayed gratification is what I'm lacking.  But I just get soo excited and can't remain patient.  

Well that's it folks, another weekend in the books.  Have a great rest week!!

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